Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fro Me to You - Luuuucccyyyyyyy!!!!


Can I just tell y'all that I am slacking just a bit. Normally I would have already had this up, but I am slacking. I am a big ole slacker!!!! Ok I am better now.

Also just so you know, the previous post that was made by my wonderful daughter, really was not hijacked, I let her on to say hi to y'all. Please don't pay attention to her grammar and spelling. I promise she really does make good grades. By the looks of the post she does put up you would not be able to tell that she normally reads about 1 to 2 books a week.

Back to my Fro me to you. My friend Melinda is new to blogging, as I have mentioned before. The name of her blog is The World of Lucy. You see we have nicknames at church. She is Lucy, I am Ethel.

We are a bit competitive when it comes to our annual Trunk or Treat that we have at Church each Halloween. It all started when we did our 1950's Soda Shop theme the first year. Then is moved to The Big Top the second year.


Then we did Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the Third year. Normally we place first, and we sorta enjoy the fact that people are trying to come up with something bigger and better to try to beat us. I mean this is for the children after all. You need to be creative and have fun. No one wants to just walk up to your car and get some candy, whats the fun in that.

So this last Halloween, we had it goin on. We were Lucy and Ethel "The Chocolate Factory Episode"!


We even had a working conveyor belt! It was really cool! We had people come by just to see how that worked. We would put the candy on it and start it up and the candy would go flying. It was great!

We couldn't have had our working conveyor had it not been for our wonderful friend Jeff. You give him an idea and he can make it happen.



Have y'all noticed anything that seems to always be around this conveyor belt?

He happens to be in the corners of all the pictures.

I mean why go to all the other booths to get candy when you have a conveyor belt full of it.

Now just so you all can feel old with us. Hardly any of the kids knew who we were. The adults did, but not the kids. We realized this when one little girl came up to us and said what are you supposed to be, evil lunch room ladies? No little girl, we are not evil lunch room ladies.


Now their are two little girls who can not be left out of this. I think they would dress up for the rest of their lives on Halloween if they could. So let me introduce you to our neighbors in the next booth.


Cranky Granny 1 and Cranky Granny 2! They were sitting on their "front porch" yelling at the kids as they went by.


Ya know telling them they better stay out of their flowers and stuff like that.

They are both so their mothers daughters. We are so proud!


Lawsey Mercy you could sit a coke can on those things!!!

For more fun go on over to Kristen's site and check out more Fro me to You's.



Alisun said...

This is such a great idea for the kids and adults too. The Lucy and Ethel is just wonderful!!

The Apron Queen said...

Now THOSE are funny! :D 1st pic is the best!

Come see my underpants!

TJ said...

Looks like a blast! The kids didn't know Lucy? Now we know where we as parents have failed our children! I must get Lucy for my daughter to watch!

Southerner said...

Being our first year at this church it was our first trunk or treat. I didn't have a clue. Is your's really in trunks? We always had a fall festival and our family always won. I was at a loss for the trunk stuff and didn't get what to do ... BUT NOW I DO! I am so going to steal your ideas. You would have to go to all the trunk or treats in our area to find me. I think there are 14 churches on Hughes Rd alone... but do we really go to a church on Hughes Rd? Really, I might not copy you exactly but can now see the idea and so go with that.

And, please tell me you spelled grammar wrong on purpose...please

Happy Mommy said...

How fun! I want to play!

LifeatTheCircus said...

That is one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes. What a creative idea. I love how much effort you put into this. It looks like a ton of fun!

Kendrawolf said...

How cute! I love that episode of Lucy. I was watching Drake and Josh the other day and they did an episode that obviously a rip off of it.

Big hair Envy said...

Hilarious! After carefully reviewing the pictures, I think the Cranky Grannies could also pose as the Evil Lunch Ladies :)

Jenn said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Isn't it great to have friends you can be goofy with!

Dawn said...

How fun!

My BFF and I refer to ourselves as Lucy and Ethel, too! I am Lucy, though. I can't be Ethel because that is my mom-in-law, and that just wouldn't be right, ya know?


Life on the farm... said...

this is sooo cool...maybe I should put my Ginger Grant pics up, nah, I'll wait ahwile. What cha' yall doing this year.... tell me, tell me.....

Life on the farm... said...

Can I copy and paste your fro?

P.S. He loves you... said...

Oh girl that's funny!

Not bad for a slacker, ANOTHER great post!

Vader's Mom said...

You crack me up!! I think I need to come visit for Halloween next year...

We are THAT Family said...

Oh, my! YOU ARE AWESOME! I love love love your Halloween idea. That is hilarious. The pictures are so funny.

And, your mistreatment completely rocks! I'm totally jealous. And I'm coveting. A lot.

Joanna said...

So funny! Thanks for a great laugh! : ) And for the kids not to know who y'all were! Goodness, their parents should turn on TV Land for them.

Rhea said...

Looks like fun! I love creative and goofy stuff like this.

Muthering Heights said...

That's AWESOME!!! I love that you even had a working conveyor belt. You are so cool, Miss Valerie!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness that is SO creative! I mean, folks at my church just, ummm, open their trunk and pile in the candy.

There is NO way anybody topped Lucy and Ethel!

jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable. I LOVE the Lucy and Ethel theme. TOO CUTE!


MedStudentWife said...

I want to live in your neighbourhood at Halloween.... its my fav holiday and I sooo love to dress up and have fun that time of year !!!

Lisa said...

What a cool way to celebrate Halloween! I love it!