Sunday, July 27, 2008

HONEY, I'M HOME!!!!!!!!


Finally after awful traffic in Birmingham, we have made it home.  Well actually we made it home last night at about 7:00.   Today I have done absolutely nothing.  I hate it when you go on "vacation" and then you are so exhausted after you get home, that you need another vacation.   Its also really hard to go on "vacation" when you are at a softball tournament.  I know, I know, I have heard you all say it, "but your at the beach".   Now I love softball, and I love the beach, so you think it would be a match made in heaven.  Well, let me tell you its not all its cracked up to be. 

Softball games cut into your beach time.  Its like torture sometimes.  You may be lucky and get your first games done and out of the way and then get a couple of days off, or you might have them spread sporadically through out the week.  We were the winner of option number two.  So we never did get many days off with out a game.  To be exact we had two days off with out games.  Sunday before the tournament started and then Friday after we were put out of the tournament.  So it is a lot of rushing around trying to fit in the fun into short time frames.

You see I am not complaining.  I really had a good time.  I loved hanging out with all my friends from the ball team.  The girls had a great time hanging out with each other.  I just wish I had more beach time.   My favorite thing is going to the beach and sitting at the edge of the water in my chair and just sitting.  I did not get enough of that.  I can not wait to go back when I don't have a tournament.  Out of the last 5 beach trips, only one has not involved a softball tournament.  So I am already in the process of planning another one. :)

Ok on to other matters.  I want you to know I love you all and I thank you all for staying with me in my sporadic vacation post.  I did not get a lot of opportunity to read many of your post.  I am actually a bit overwhelmed in my reader at the moment.  I have about 418 post that I have not read, and I don't think I will be able to get to them.  So I am going to hit the mark as read button and start over.  Please forgive me if I don't comment on a post, I am trying to get back into the swing of things.


Guess What????  We have new residents at our house!  Let me introduce you to some new little friends we brought back.


This is slush....don't ask Little Logan named him



This is Crush and Squirt....


Syd named them



When we got back we had a new baby here.  We had been waiting for this one and I said it would get here while we were gone and sure enough here she is......



We don't have a name for her yet.   Little Logan is supposed to name her, but has not come up with anything yet.  So what do y'all think are some good names for her?   We already have, Mylie, Rose (which is her mama), Ellie Mae, and Fatty.  Then the donkeys are Reloy, Jenny, Charlie, Lilly, and Star.  Then there is flop the duck.  So go ahead and throw out some names.  I don't know if any of your names will be picked, but I thought it would be neat to hear what you come up with.



Suzanne said...

We have those...the crabs not the cows.

Courtney said...

Emma says that you should name her Angelina or Genevieve. I think they are princess names from the "Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses" movie. :)

Heather said...

I know what you mean about getting back from "vacation" then needing a vacation to recoop, lol. Sounds like y'all had a great time, and I love all the new little creatures :D

Dawn said...

I know what you mean... I still have suitcases sitting in the corner of my bedroom, from last week!

It sounds mean, but I'd name him Dumbo 'cause it looks like it's gonna be a while before he grows into those ears!

Welcome home!

Lisa said...

Waaaaah about the beach.

Buttercup about the calf. Or judging by that last picture, maybe Dumbo. Ok. Don't hate me for that. :)

I'm glad y'all are home. :)


Domestic Spaz said...

Baby cows are so cute it brings tears to my eyes. I love them.

I had hermit crabs as a kid. :) I had a big giant one (his name was Herman) until one day he refused to pick a new shell and died. I cried for hours.

jennifer said...

Awe! The baby is so pretty. We have a crab and NO turtle...Diva daughter went through that phase a year ago. NO NO NO. I told her I didn't want anything else to clean up after. And of course she said "I'll do it". Yeah. RRIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTT.

Glad you guys are home safe!


Amy said...

We went to the beach (11 hour drive) in May and with a 14 month old you can't spend much time on the beach. I'm not try to complain either, but the beach bum in me did. Congrats on you new calf and critters!

Rhea said...

You are totally not allowed to complain about the beach and softball. lol Just kidding.

Glad you're home! Ignore all the old posts and start new! I agree.

Love all the critters...crabs, tutrles, calf. CooL!!!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Don't have any of these critters..lucky you ;D

Come by and see what I'm up to and hey leave me a stinkin comment!!!


jennifer said...

I just sent you a LONG LONG LONG email and my crazy new internet service will not allow me to send emails to accts like hotmail and such. SHOOT! I may use hubbys remote internet in a bit and see if it will work. I got YOUR email, I just wasn't able to reply. SHOOT! You don't have to publish this message and if I can't figure out how to contact you, I may have to send you some DO NOT POST messages on here. Just SHOOT!

Jen said...

You know that if she was at our place she would be named "Hamburger". You could call her Princess Burger. Sorry you know how it is around this place. haha

The Park Wife

Brandi said...

you been tagged go read my blog

Super B's Mom said...

Awww darling calf and totally sweet turtles! My Super B is dying to get a turtle!

Kelsey said...

aww that calf is precious!

Life on the farm... said...

aww congrats on the baby. .... what about Lucy for a name....

April said...

Here goes my kids choices.

Madison - Sue ,Susie, or Maggie

JAckson-Catherine or Anna beth

MaryEsther-Crazy Nellie or Dumbo ( for the big ears)

I say Lily since her mom is rose :)

MedStudentWife said...

the little cow... how about "sweetie pie" ?