Tuesday, July 29, 2008



You know what?  I have had a crappy, crappy day today.  There is just so much going on and I don't even know what to say about it.  I probably wont say much, because A: its to exhausting to talk about and think about, and B: I don't want to say something that might make someone upset, or cause drama.

All that said, God works through blogs.  I have made some wonderful friends that I can confide in, and it also seemed that today several of the blogs I read were just what I needed to read.  I am so very thankful for all of you!  You help to keep me going.

Jennifer is a very dear friend and I thank God for her that I can e.mail her and just talk to her and I know she will have some sort of insight or wisdom for me.

The following blogs all had what I like to say was a word from God.  All of the post I read from them seem to talk to me today.  They reassured an unsure soul.

The Park Wife

P.S. He loves you

Dawn Writes

Scenes from the Crooked Maple

We are THAT Family

June Cleaver Nirvana - She made me laugh when I needed to laugh!

You have all in some way made my day better today.  These are just a few of the many.  

You have made me remember that when I am down, God will lift me up.  You have helped remind me of the important things in life.  You have reminded me to praise Him.  You have reminded me that He is in all things and the He is in control. You have made me laugh when I needed it the most.

Thank You, I can truly say that I am so very glad to have my blog friends.  I am so happy that I started this whole blog thing.  It has added a new dimension to my life.  :)





We are THAT Family said...

I'm sorry Valerie that you're having a bad day! They happen, don't they? And it's like being kicked in the gut. I hope things work themselves out. God definitely uses blogs in my life and he used yours just now to encourage me. Really!

Be blessed!

Dawn said...

Glad I could be a small part in helping you keep the focus! Isn't it neat how the internet makes our big world smaller and introduces us to people who we'd naturally be friends with in the real world, if we lived close?

Email anytime. I usually check in throughout the day.

Blessings upon you, Val. And I pray that you sleep peacefully and deeply tonight so that tomorrow is easier to face.

Mike Golch said...

That is one thing OI like about the Land of Blog, you can always find somethink to lift your spirits. Hugs and God's Blessing. Mike G. said that!(its an A.A. thing)

Lorie said...

I tried to call you while you were at the beach and I was at the beach-I have missed you -come show me some love soon!
I love you!Lorie

Lisa said...


I love you, :)


Jenn said...

This is how I feel about your blog! You always make me laugh when I seem to need it most. I enjoy reading every post you write.

Razor Family Farms said...

I'm with you: there are certain bloggers that are just on my wavelength -- they somehow manage to post something that I NEEDED to read.

Thanks for the links!


Life on the farm... said...

we missed you while you were away...it wasn't the same...

P.S. He loves you... said...


HRH said...

Oh Valerie you are soooo sweet. I am so sorry you are having a bad day. I love my blog friends...sometimes more then my real friends *shhhhh, don't tell real life* because it seems like I can find what I need here. It is all so shocking since a few months ago I didn't even know all this existed out here.

Sending hugs. I hope things get better. Oh, and you can know that this afternoon I am going to go get my dog from the boarding place so you can repeat today's post in your head...

Amy said...

I know how you feel. Sounds so silly to non-bloggers but it has helped me get through the boring & lonely times in the day. Being a stay at home mom of a 16 month old can get you cabin fever sometimes. Although, I wouldn't trade it for anything you know what I mean.
So glad the blogs help cheer you up:)

P.S. He loves you... said...

Hey when you get a chance come over for a "bite"...it's yummylishious (it's my comment) :0p

jennifer said...

Bless your heart. It is a blessing to ME to be there for you. I know what you mean. Who knew that blogging would open the door for such dear friendships?

I left you an award today. I had it in cue for a few days and decided to post it today. Then I come over here and get blog love from you. Awww. You are the greatest!!!


jennifer said...
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Kimmie said...

Hi Valerie,

I am sorry you had a terrible day. I also have had my fair share and recently closed my chat blog because of it. I miss all my friends who visited, but right now I am concentrating on just prim blogging. Not much chatting, mostly going to be my handmades as soon as I get out of this funk.

I hope you feel better sweetheart. You are a very special woman and I have not been here in a long time and I want to apologize for that. I got behind and couldn't seem to catch up, so I gave up. :-( I want you to know that I think of you often and want to thank you for being such a wonderful and unconditional friend.

Hugs to you Valerie,

Alli {Mrs. Fussypants} said...

Blogging & my friends, like you, have been my lifelinfr through dark days. It is a blessing!

xo, Alli

buckatwos@gmail.com said...

Are you coming out of it yet? I have been thinking about you, sorry I did not comment until now. These kids keep me busy!!!!!!

I always smile when I come over to your blog, you are brightening my world.

The Park Wife