Sunday, September 7, 2008



You know, I have a problem.  I can not do a post without pictures.  Well I mean I CAN, I just don't like to.  So that has actually been my problem this weekend.  I wanted to post something, but what I wanted to post needed pictures.  My hard drive is full on my laptop, so I could not download my pictures.  So I need to move some pictures off my hard drive, but couldn't because my burner thing would not burn.  So I burned them onto CD by taking them from my external hard drive and going to our other desktop computer.  2 days, 6 hours, 22 minutes, and 11 seconds later, I am sitting here typing to you.  Ya'll confused yet?

On to the real post.  :)

This should actually be a She's Crafty post, because I am going to show you something else with this scrapbook paper.


I found this cool idea over at The Nester's sight.  She has such awesome ideas and ways to mistreat things.  Really, I don't know how some of these ladies think of all this stuff.  I mean I think the creative gene was not given to me.  So I have to borrow my creativity.

This is my hutch, china cabinet thing.  Notice it does not have dishes in it.  Nope it holds pictures. 

Well it was a little dark.  Given that its dark wood, up against my chocolate brown walls.  So I thought I would try to lighten up a bit.


So I took the pictures out and cut the scrap book paper to fit in the back of the cabinet.  I then secured it in there with double stick tape.



So this is the finished product.  It lightened it up a bit, but I need to find something to go on top of the cabinet maybe?  TRAMPOLINE&CRAFTS083


This room is a work in progress.  It used to be our living room before we redid our house.  Now I don't know what you would call it.  We actually have our dining room table in there, but I would not call it a dining room.  Its really like a pass through room, because we pass through there to get from the bedrooms to the new living room.  One day I am going to do a post on what I should do with this room.

Anyway on to another matter.  I need your help with something else.  Should I paint these three things black????

Free wall shelf things.


$5.99 easel from Marshall's


Ok let me know what you think, because I can't make a decision.



Mike Golch said...

I think the look good the way they are,but that is just me. ultimately you are the one who has to live with the decision. Hugs.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Hey this is to funny as I have the same problem with posting now with out pix...hehehe!

So the scrape paper worked well to brighten it up a for the top??? I'm stumped?

I kinda of bragged on you today...come see of what?

Dawn said...

Depends where you are putting them. If you're using them in the new "pass through" room with the dark walls and furniture, I'd leave them light.


Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

How pretty. I can't post anything without a pic
Enter my 100th post giveaway:)

jennifer said...

don't know what just happened but it you get something weird from me, just, you know, don't post it.

I did that in a cabinet because the green glass inside was not showing up. Amazing how a simple little something can make a difference! I thought your change was quite striking!


Suzie said...

Oooh I like the paper in the babinet Im gonna try it.

We are THAT Family said...

It look great! I love it! I would paint those things black, because well, I love painting things black! As for the top, I did berry garland on mine. For now. Until I read something better on your post!

Life on the farm... said...

The hutch looks awesome I like that... the top greenery? But I'm tired of greenery I haven't put any up? Yes, on the black since you are in the black mod, but it does depend on the room? I re sprayed somethings that were couple of years old(gold) I guess that's why they were on sale, any way I sparyed them that bronzy color... that old world looking color. But I like the clean look of the black, just don't have anything black. Ps.... your hutch would look absolutely awesome in that clean looking black color... but that would be a DIVORCE in this house so...

Debbie said...

I scrap book all the time and never would think to use the paper for that purpose - it looks great. What a difference it made in showing your pictures. I will have to visit that site, I'm not creative-I have to borrow ideas also.

Lisa said...

The cabinet looks good! Paint the wall thingies black but leave the easel like it is. It has some black in it already. That way you'll have more character/interest going on. :)

Love, Lisa

Brandi said...

Flower/garland type stuff would look good on top (you could change it through the seasons/holidays) I like the background!

Carrie said...

I love that idea!

Joy said...

Your cabinet looks great with a the fancy paper backing. It makes everything on the shelves look even better!
As far as painting, you know I'd tell you to do it....but it does depend on where you are going to use those things. You may want a more contrasting color.

Kimmie said...

I would definately do a very full pip berry garland on top. I think it would add color and greens are just so out these days. You could add some stacked books and nesting boxes also.

Have you thought of painting them a light color and then painting them black with a crackle finish on them. It give them a less stark look. You will have two shades instead of one. I don't care for the gold. Its outdated to me. Paint, paint, paint! ;-)

Your hutch is gorgeous and I LOVE the paper on the back wall. That was a great idea! Can't wait to see what you do.
Hugs Sweetie!

Rhea said...

You're turning into the Nester, you crafty chick you! I'm impressed.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

You hitch turned out beautifully!! Great job and I give a thumbs up to painting the three things black, make them your own!

Have a wonderful week,


Ashley @ said...

The cabinet turned out cute! And yes paint those things black! I always want to paint everything black. Does that make me biased?

Anonymous said...

I saw it on her site too! In fact, I went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and bought some paper to do my kitchen shelf.-- great minds, eh? ;) It looks very nice.

I'll post mine when I get it finished.

Anonymous said...

uh yeah obviously it aint makin it to much brighter because i didnt even know she did this until i saw this either i am blind and dont pay attention or she needs a brighter color..and i say go with the brighter color..and i dont beleive anyone else in my family has noticed it either..besides her!

love yall! :):) <3 sydney

April said...

Love it, again , where do you have the time? Black on the accessories , you could distress them too.

Burgh Baby said...

The cabinet looks great! Well done! said...

I love your ideas and think that you've done a great job of adding some light. I tend to think that plants always look good on top of cupboards and cabinets but that's just me. I like plants everywhere. I feel very sure that you will find something totally awesome!


Muthering Heights said...

The cabinet looks very cute! :) If it were me, I wouldn't paint the decorative items black...

carrie said...

That looks great!

My china cabinet holds photos too - and of course, my WINE glasses! Hee, hee.