Wednesday, September 10, 2008



You know its hard to believe that it has been 7 years since 9-11.   Its very hard to describe that day.  So many emotions, anger, sadness, grief, shock, fear, numbness, pride. 

On that day it just so happens that our County Fair was going on.  I say "our" even though I don't live in that county anymore.  I grew up in that county and it will always be "my" fair.  We had planned on going to The Fair that evening.  Now we asked ourselves should we go?  Of course we would go!  We were not going to let whoever did this to our Country keep us in fear and locked in our homes.

It was such an odd feeling though.  Being there, knowing everything that was going on.  You try to move on and keep going, not wanting the kids to know that things would never really be the same.  They were to young to really understand.

Little Logan was about 1 1/2 at the time.  He was so sweet.  Look at those cheeks. 


Here he is riding the Merry-go-Round


Jessie was 11, boy how time fly's and how they grow up.


Now these next pictures, are very special.  Not that the others weren't, but little did we know that we would loose one of these precious babies, just a year and a half later.


From left to right:  Syd (7), Dylan, and Jacob

Jacob went home to be with God and Jesus on April29th, 2003.


L to R:  Wes, Syd, Dylan, Jacob

I love this picture :)

Memories like these are what we need to treasure.  We never know what might happen from day to day. 

Now go hug your kids.

Sorry for the not so lighthearted post, these are just my memories of that day.

Go check out Kristen's site for more Fro Me to You's I am sure they will make you smile. 

**2008 Fair pictures coming soon :)



P.S. He loves you... said...

And as you well know I've a few pix...of these kinds.

What happened, I'm just wondering?

I'm planning to post on the subject of 911 also...tomorroe night :0/

jennifer said...

I love you for remembering and allowing this day to be significant. I did almost the same type post that you did. We are kindred spirits chick!


Oh! And I am a follower of yours now. Lead me Valarie!

Lorie said...

How sweet- made me cry!
Love you!

Debbie said...

Sometimes we need those "not so lighthearted" post to make us stop for a moment and be thankful for the love ones we do still have in our life. Also to ponder on those great memories of the ones not still here with us. Thank you-now I have to go hug and kiss my grandkids!!

Life on the farm... said...

I was feeling the same way today.

marky said...

Valarie big hugs to you sister. what a heart touching post.
I am very sorry for your personal loss ..
It is good for us to remember the significance of 9-11 7 years ago.

Southerner said...

You have to explain who he is!!! Is he a friend of the family, a relative, your son????

My dad had a quadruple bypass 6 years ago today. What a blessing that he is in great shape and is with us.

We are THAT Family said...

Thanks for helping us remember! That was beautiful!

Make sure you link up next Thursday because I'm giving away a very cool prize from the 80's!

Suzie said...

Im so sorry about Jacob. What a lovely picture.

Im trying to forget what today is. Its been 7 years but it feels like it was last year. Sometimes. said...

I love that you posted about the feelings that followed from the events of that day -- and how we shouldn't take a single moment for granted.

It is hard to believe that so much time has passed.

I am taking the time I would have spent posting to visit everyone's blogs. I've missed out on so much while recovering from guests who ate all our food and spent all our money!

Blessings to you, my blogging friend. When I count my blessings, you are among them.


Ramblings of Kimberly said...

Great pictures and I am also curious what happened to Jacob?

D... said...

I am so sorry about the loss of Jacob.

It is hard to believe that it's been 7 years now. It seems like it just happened yesterday as it's still so vivid.

mah-meeee said...

7 years went by fast, isn't it? look at how the kids have grown!

if you don't mind sharing, what happened?

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

And thankful that you remember that day seven years ago. And that you have pictures of Jacob then.

HDMac said...

You are so right... we never know... make each moment count

Woman said...

I haven't been to a fair since I was a child.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

This was a beautiful heart felt post. THANK YOU!!!

MommyGirl said...

Boy your babies have grown.. it kind of scares me, because I can close my eyes and see my girls in Middle school too. your post was sweet.
Love ya!

carrie said...

I wonder when I'll ever be able to not think about that day when I'm sitting in a crowded baseball stadium, on a plane, or anywhere else that would be a target.

Hopefully it will get easier, for all of us - I will never lose hope.

Thank you Valarie.

Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

Made me cry too! Even though it's sometimes painful memories are a gift. Thank you for leaving a comment on my 'Fro post. By the way I do know who Van Halen is:) I was exagerating a bit. God Bless. I'll be back...

Muthering Heights said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...

Tammy said...

Val, this was such a sweet post. It's hard to believe it was 7 years ago because the events of that day are so clear in my mind. And often not far from my mind.

Blessings to you!

Brandi said...

Beautiful post! Made me cry! Love always!

Rhea said...

Oh, no. I hate to hear Jacob didn't make it. That makes my heart hurt, and I don't even know him. :o(

Alisun said...

Valerie, I am sorry for Jacob. It was a touching post thanks for sharing nice memories.

Amber@MMM said...


This is totally unrelated to your post . . . but, I saw your name (and link) on Kimba's site and just had to tell you I'm Amber Lea!

I haven't ever seen Lea spelled 'my' way anywhere else!

So, it's nice to 'meet' you!