Thursday, September 11, 2008



**A lot of you have been asking about Jacob.  Out of respect for his Mother, I want to get her permission before I post anything else about him.**

104 years, that's how long we have had our County Fair. 

That's along time.  To me it is what a country fair should be.  You have rides that make you sick and that have been put together in a matter of a day.


There is the midway with all its money stealing games.  Along with that comes the scary looking carnival workers.   That are constantly trying to get your money.  You know what I mean.  Always yelling "Hey little lady, try your luck over here.  There's a winner every time."  I try to do with them the same thing I do with the people at the kiosk's in the mall, just don't make eye contact.


(This is actually where someone was getting arrested for having possible counterfeit money) 

We also have our Woman's Building.  This is where you will find all the quilts, painting, craft's, plant's, sewing, canning, and photography.  It also has air conditioning! 




Now speaking of pictures... I believe this First Place Picture looks very Familiar.  What? Oh that's because its a picture my sister Lisa took.


Well lookey here!  Here is a second place ribbon.


Then there are all the animals.  Normally when you are tired and hungry, you will go get your food and then head to the barn and sit and watch the goats being shown.

I just have a question?  Does your fair have a beer tent?  Ours does...


The line up for this week goes like this:

Saturday - Concert (This year it was Kelli Pickler)

Monday - Fairest of the Fair (Now I never was in this thing, but my sister Lisa was.  She was in the top ten several times)

Tuesday- Harness Races (If you have never been to a Harness Race, your missing out)

Wednesday - Demolition Derby ( Why do you think we went last night!  If you have not been to a Demolition Derby, you NEED to go!  These are so fun.  If you do not know what a Demolition Derby is, well bless your heart.)

Thursday - Harness Races (Tonight and I am not there)

Friday - Tractor Pull (I believe I have been to one of these a time or two)

Saturday - Motocross ( I really don't remember there being motocross at the fair, but I bet its going to be fun)

Since there was so much to see last night and I ended up taking fsldf390naflajf cough cough pictures,I am going to put some of my favorite pictures up and just give you a little narrative. 

Lets go to the fair shall we......

This picture is my favorite


This one is my second favorite (Check out the kid behind them)


Ok series of shoots.....

ASMCS4 asmcs7


Another Favorite


Another series



Then a picture of all the girls


Phew, I am tired we will finish our tour of the fair tomorrow.



Cherry's Jubilee said...

Ohhh wht fun pics! Makes me feel like Templeton...I covet corn dogs...rofl. cherry

Anonymous said...

great pics- I luv the fair- ours is the first week in October!

Carrie said...

oh it looks like so much fun I have never been to a fair I need to change that i think now!

Life on the farm... said...

I need to take a closer look at that beer line.....:)

Suzie said...

Looks great I live in NYC so no fair I wish we did.

The McMickens said...

Your pics are great!!!! Makes me want to go to the fair!!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

The pics are great girlfriend. I think we need to hit the fair this weekend. Not sure if we will make it or not.

PS. Fair/carnival workers freak me out. They're WAY creepier than clowns!

Valarie said...

Oh how I miss the fair. I think the last time that I went I saw Charlie Daniels in concert. Folks in AL have "Sweet Home Alabama", folks in GA have "Devil went down to Georgia". The pictures are fabulous!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

So much like our fair...especially the scene from cops!! Why are criminals so into going to the county fair?!

Glad they all had fun. Awesome usual!

mah-meeee said...

looked like fun! i love that first pix of the girls on the ride. syd's expression on her face was just precious!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I love fair time~ looks like it is was a great night out!

Have a wonderful weekend,


Southerner said...

I looks like fun but for some reason I really get closterphobic(did I come close?) when I go to a fair. It is all the STRANGE people that swarm from all parts of town within a 90 mile radius- the ones with no teeth, tatoos on a 70 year old woman, 80's bleached blonde high hair( like the styles in your Fro me to you) And seeing the vendors- again no teeth, smell like the just left the beer tent. And they assembled all those rides? Freaky feeling! I am glad you had fun, really I am, and I wish I could too. I love the first photo you took. And the kid in the 2nd behind the girls is priceless.

Um, do you have gas? My goodness, the lines are LONG. I went to Sams today and waited in a long line. They still had it for $3.51 but everyone else was $3.98 or above $4 and some limiting it to 10 gallons.

Tammy said...

Your photos are just great!

Now, let's get back to the beer tent. I have never ever in all my life seen a beer tent at the fair. Seems as though that just might be asking for a bit of a problem. I dunno.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Love the pix of syd looking back that a keeper imho!

And now we know talent runs in your family...your sisters pix was great!

Come by for your card bff! heheh!

Kelsey said...

What a blast! I love that picture of them spinning too cool!

Rhea said...

Those are AWESOME photos, it looks like so much fun!! Congrats to your sister for her award winning photos!! said...

What terrific pictures! You are so talented! WOW!


P.S. Thank you for your encouraging words. They mean so very much.

Joy said...

My son just took a date to the fair tonight. I hope they're having as much fun as you did.

marky said...

I love the fair! I posted from our fair a few weeks ago. Love the photos, the one with the old man is priceless!

marky said...

oh and btw..our fair has a no alcohol rule. However we live near York, which is supposedly the oldest fair in the country? and they do have a beer tent.

Woman said...

i like your pictures. your camera is so much better than mine!

"Thou shalt not covet..."

Muthering Heights said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like the girls were having a blast. :)

Alisun said...

Your photo's are just wonderful! Very great I feel part of it all.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Looks like fun!

Hey, doing a giveaway on my blog I just thought you might like to check out!

jennifer said...

Your photography was OUTSTANDING! And Lisa's award winning photography was great too. Y'all are just a bunch of talented shutter bugs!

Birdie said...

the shot of the feet= 2 cute!

MommyGirl said...

We had fun too. I always love your pictures.