Monday, September 15, 2008

Its Fair Time!! (Again)


Ok, Ok, I know that was the name of my last post.  My last post from Thursday.  :(  I am a slacker and have not been able to blog.  I have let life get in the way of blogging.  I am a bad, bad, bloggy friend.  Can you forgive me???


When last I left off we were on a tour of my county fair.  We saw the midway, women's building, beer tent, and scared little kids.  The one thing we really did not see was Little Logan riding the rides and the demolition derby.  Lets do that now, shall we. 

L.L. was all ready to go ride those rides.  You know the ones put up by carnival workers in a matter of a couple of days.  This year he was moving up to the BIG rides.  I was scared, he was not.  I just knew B.L. would get him on those rides first thing and L.L. was going to be sick.  Then we would have to go home early.  Well not me, if he got sick and had to go home early, I was hitching a ride home with my friend Sonia or Melinda.  This is us.  :)


The first ride he went on was "The Scrambler".  It is notorious for making you loose your cookies.  So I knew this was not going to be good.


He loved it...


I actually think he might have been a little bored with it.


The Logan's then went off in another direction and I did not get to take any more pictures of them riding.  I found out later why they left me with the girls.  There was one particular ride that I said he could NOT RIDE.  Do they listen to me?  NooooOOooo!

This is what they rode....


The Ring of Fire!  Now I personally love this ride, but for an 8 year old boy, I don't think so.  When I said "why did you not call me so I could take his picture", Big Logan said "Because I knew you would not let him on it".  He was right.  I mean when you ride this they stop the ride upside down for at least a minute, and you are coming out of your seat holding on for dear life.  Yep he took my baby on that.

When I did catch up with him later on, I found out that he had found his most favorite ride.  This ride happens to have been my favorite also when I was little.  The Tilt-A-Whirl!  Oh my goodness that thing is fun!  I figured this would be his undoing.  If you have the slightest bit of a weak stomach this might do you in.  He wanted me to ride it with him.  I was praying that this would not be his undoing.



L.L. just has to make a funny or weird face in most all his pictures. 

Melinda tried to get a picture of us on the ride while it was going, but she never could quite get us.  This is the closest one.  :)


We decided to leave after this.  Not because of upset bellies, but because we were tired.  We had parked in the infield of the Grand Stands, so as we left I took some pictures of the Demolition Derby.  Now if you have never been to one, this is how it works.  A bunch of cars get into an arena and run into each other until only one is left moving.  That person is either the winner of that heat, or the overall winner of the entire derby.


derby3 derby5


Here all the people in the stands were yelling for the red car to mercilessly continue to hit the yellow one as it was in the corner and had no way of getting out.


Guess who won this heat?  Yep the red car.



This now concludes my night at the fair.  I hope you have enjoyed our little trip through some of the sights of a country fair.  If you have one coming up make sure you go.  If you have never been to one, then bless your heart, you don't know what you are missing.  They are quite enjoyable and the people watching is THE BEST!

Until next time....




P.S. He loves you... said...

look like a "fairly" good time..oh I crack myself up!

Your I'm not one to cast stones..just comments ;0)

Hope your have a good busy life!

Courtney said...

I have an uncle that used to do the Demo Derby when I was little. Back then I thought it was pretty cool. Now I just think he was crazy.

Joy said...

Those Scrambler photos are so good that I felt motion sickness just looking at them! Looks like a lot of fun!

Southerner said...

Those pictures with the really blurred background are making me sick! How did you do that? Man, I dare anyone to do the bat spin 10 times then try to look at those photos!

I didn't see Pinky Tuscadaro in the dirby crashy thing. I have never been to your tractor pull/ dirby crash parties so that is the only experience that I have- Happy Days. I loved Pinky as a girl, she was just too cool. I bet you have a photo somewhere with hair like her. Did you ever have pants like her? I bet Jen did. Did ya Jen?

Kelsey said...

What a blast! Awesome photos Valarie!

Debbie said...

Your pictures of moving objects are better than my "still" ones! The fair president needs to hire you next year as their PR person.

Anonymous said...

Oh- I know what has been distractin you- it's that crackbook!

Tammy said...

Tilt-A-Whirl fan here! I am almost positive it would make me vomit this day and age.

I do not eat hot dogs; however, there is NOTHING better than a fair corn dog! said...

Why are demolition derbies so much fun? I love them!

Excellent pictures. The ones of your husband and kids on the blue ride had me dizzy just looking at it! Neat!


Brandi said...

awesome pics!

Kimba said...

Hey Valarie! Stop by when you get a second. I have a little surprise for you. :-)

Suzie said...

Looks like a lot fun. Id love to go

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I just saw that you had won over at Kimba's blog. Congratulations!!!

Kathryn said...


Just saw you won Kimba's rehab giveaway! Congratulations!! :-)

Hannah :) said...

I love the way you describe yourself in your profile. :) I can totally relate!

God bless you!

Virginia said...

I came over from Kimba, I saw you won the giveaway. Congratulation!
Also wonderful pictures of the fair.
Blessings, Virginia

Birdie said...

how awesome was that derby?!? And the scrambler pics--WOW how'd you do that??? that effect was way too neat.

Mike Golch said...

thanks for the photos. seeing them took a little heaveness that I have felt this month. not to mrntoin nort having power since Sunday Thanks to IKE,you dirty S.O.B.He killed at least five here in Ohio and left close to 2 million people with out power thru the state.

tipper said...

Going to the fair use to be the highlight of my summer! I haven't been in years-your post makes me think I should go again.

Dawn said...

I love county fairs! And fair food. Looks like ya'll had tons of fun.

Muthering Heights said...

It looks like you all had so much fun!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh my GOSH! That picture of the boys on the scrambler... AMAZING! Like a totally AMAZING SHOT Valarie. Dang, I need to work on my photography stuff major.

jennifer said...

There is a picture of Little Logan in almost profile heading to a ride. I did a double take because it looked SO much like my son!!!

It was amazing!

Your photography is off of the charts as to how awesome it is. Seriously.