Friday, September 19, 2008

She's Crafty - Arrrr!!

So as we all know I am not crafty, I take my craftiness from others. I cannot think of to many things that I have come up with on my own.

I was talking to my friend Krissy over at Well behaved women seldom make history, or WBWSMH, the other day. So we were talking on the phone, because I actually know her, (yes you can be jealous) and we were discussing the fact that I am not as crafty as you think. That I "steal", while giving credit, my ideas from others in blog land. She told me I was a Craft Pirate! I sorta think that was cute, so you can call me the Craft Pirate if you want.

Here is the latest and absolute greatest thing I have pirated. Joy over at Joy's of Home is like this mad genius. She can make stuff out of nothing and is a master of spray paint. I want to be her when I grow up. The other day she did this post on Dollar Tree finds. Oh my gosh this was so cute! I just could not believe that she had made this. It was so simple.

First you go to the Dollar Tree and find in this three section picture frame. I am sure any three section frame would do, but this is a dollar. Who can beat that?

***Imagine a three section frame, I forgot to take a picture before I finished the product. You will see it in all its glory in a minute.****

Then you take a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper and make a template on your paper of choice. Joy used newspaper, which was so cute. I did not have any newspaper, so I used scrapbook paper.


Then of course cut the paper out and put it into your printer. Now go on the computer and print out some fun three letter words, like BOO or EEK. Make the font you choose mega big. I used 150 I think.


Make sure that you put the paper in correctly, don't do like I did and print on the wrong side.


There that's better. Now take your ruler and cut out the letters to fit the 3x3 frame. I actually ended up eyeballing this part.


As you can tell here, because of the different sizes.


Once you have them cut out, tape them to the back of the glass in the frame.


Yeah, Yeah, its my mess up but that's alright, you wont be able to tell.

Ta-Da!!!!!! (don't pay attention to the O on the end he is a little lower than the others. He was having a bad day.)


Isn't that just the cutest!

Lets do another one!


Oops! Trail and error. Ya know the more I look at this, you could make one going up and down. Hmmm I have one more frame I might just do this! Anyway here is the other finished product.



Isn't that the cutest thing! I think its my favorite. :)


I have something else to go with this that I am working on, but its not ready yet.

You can do this people! Go now to Dollar Tree, because I think everybody else read Joy's blog, because there weren't that many left at my Dollar Tree.

Go be crafty! Arrrrr!!

Side note: Did you know that today was International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Its true, funny how things work out, huh. :)



tipper said...

Very cute-even if you are a craft pirate!

Carrie said...

cute cute cute you are so crafty don't be modest!

Life on the farm... said...

Arrr! I like it! I'm wanting to do something to myfront door, porch area.., but every thing I do just doesn't look right... I think my door and house is to formal...I am stumped... I took my fall wreath and sat it in my kitchen window, which is above my sink. I like that finally, but I'm still stumped by my front door. I bought 4 mum and sat them below on the side walk,, arghh this is frustrating.

P.S. He loves you... said...

very crafty you arrrrr mate...ship's ahoy!

ValleyGirl said...

I saw your title and thought you were posting specifically for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, because I did actually know this. (Who the heck thinks up these things anyway?!) But what better day to be called a Craft Pirate!!

Nice job on the frames ~ what a great idea!

Debbie said...

Loving it!!! You have to be crafty just to sit down and do these projects. Maybe you “borrow” the ideas from others but you definitely make them your own. Where do you find the time to work on them?

Jenn said...

What a great idea! I'm going to have to try that.

We are THAT Family said...

I love this.

That is all.

Courtney said...

That's really cute. I think I may try it too.

Insight, Insanity, Imagination said...

I've been to 3 stinking dollar tree's looking for that frame or one like it.... none to be found! grrr

But yours turned out oh so cute!

Valarie said...

I'm the same way. I copy other people's creativity because I a) am too lazy to even attempt to think of it on my own or b) am just not that creative. I think it mind be a combo of both :-).

Cute ideas! I can't wait to see Christmas ideas.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Tooooooooooooo cute!!!

M ^..^

Ashley said...

So cute! I am going to try this soon - and don't go around buying all the frames before I get there!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

OMG I love this pirate valarie. Make me one. haha

Anonymous said...

You know you could do your initials like that to for your desk. Ex. vMl Get my drift

mah-meeee said...

oh, another great and easy project!

Tammy said...

How stinking cute is this?! Arrrgh, matey, you did a great job.

Rambling Girl said...

Hey coming over here from other bloggers that you and I share as friends...

Love your blog and guess what I am a pirate also....I don't have the ideas like these fellow bloggers of mine do. Boy this is really saving me on the magazines lately since I just get all my ideas from blogland.

I love your signs...I made me some letters also and will frame mine this weekend...

Look forward to getting to know you better so will be back to visit.

Woodard Gang said...

Very cute! Your fall decorations are so adorable! I think I better go rack up on dollar frames now :o)

Joy said...

You did a great job crafting! You even changed it to make it your very own, which proves that you're crafty!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Southerner said...

BOO!! Did I scare you?
These are really cute. You are just crafting away in your new little room, aren't you?

The guy that is like head of the national pirate day was on wife swap. They and their kids dress like pirates and talk like pirates and play annoyingly like pirates every day. They go out to eat like pirates. They sing songs like pirates. You know, who in their right mind would go on wife swap? Some of the people are very very strange. And the moms leave their kids to these people?

My kids saw the comment on our photos and my daughter was telling the boys that that lady that came over said they were good pictures.

Brandi said...

how cute, I never made it to the church yard sale! you are so crafty! I want the boo and eek

jennifer said...

Those are EXCELLENT!!!!!!

Love the idea and I may have to try it!

We are crafting this weekend and I am exhausted. I haven't made a thing but I have helped all three kids make stuff. How do teachers do it?

Birdie said...

mmm K, I'm loving you more & more every time I see a post like this!!!! thanks for sharing - wow. It looks awesome. Now it's added to my list of things I simply MUST do.

Birdie said...

Oh and I recognize your little glass gourds from the Dollar Tree too 'cause I bought the white one & a brown one that I don't see here. They were too darn cute weren't they?? They looked great, like something you'd see at Dillard's for some ridiculous price!

Muthering Heights said...

Stolen or not, your ideas are awesome! said...

I love it and I particularly love the BOo. Including the "o" that;s a little lower -- gives it so much punch and personality!

It reminds my of the handset print on old newspapers.



Leigh said...

I love the BOO one!

And I love talking like a pirate too. The cashiers at Publix dont think its as funny though...