Friday, January 9, 2009

My, My how time flies......


It just seems like the other day I started this blog.  I never would have imagined in a thousand years, that I would now have so many new and wonderful friends.  Y'all Rock!!!  I can remember when I was excited about getting one or two comments, and those were from family.  Now sometimes I might get THIRTY, and I have SEVENTY people following me!!!! I really can't believe it, I mean I really am amazed that y'all keep coming back! 

Today my blog turns 1 year old!!!! Yep January 9, 2008 is the day I started this thing.  Ya know if I am not mistaken today is one of my best friends from my childhood's birthday, so Sonja if you are reading this Happy Birthday!

Let me give you a little background to how this all got started.......

~~~Scooby Doo Dream Sequence~~~


I was at the grocery store a little over a year ago, it was probably about October.  As I was grocery shopping, I was on the phone with my sister Lisa.  Here is our conversation (or at least something close to it):

Lisa:  You need to go to this website

Me:  Really what is it (Looking at the date on the milk)

Lisa:  Its called The Pioneer Woman, she writes about her life on a ranch with her Husband Marlboro Man

Me: (stops dead in my tracks in front of the cheese, puts hand on hips and say) What? you want me to go to some website about a pioneer woman???  What does she want me to do grind my own wheat or something?!?!?!?  (Lisa has her own wheat grinder or at least she used to)

(In my head I am picturing an older lady and her husband who smokes Marlboro's of course and live on their ranch, and for some reason my sister is fascinated by this.)

Lisa:  No!!!! You wont have to grind your own wheat!  Just go to the website, your gonna like it.


So at work a couple of days later I go to the website

and I am hooked.  Apparently like a gazillion other people in the world!  I can get no work done, I am laughing so hard and loud at work that people are coming to check on me, so I make them go to the website and then they are laughing, and so on and so forth.  After a couple of months of reading her website, I started clicking on these interesting things called comments.  I started going to the peoples sites who left them.  That is when I realized that, "Hey, I can do this I think.  Lets give it a shot."


And a blog was born......

Not a very good one, but it was a blog.  I didn't even know what to write about, but I trudged on.

Lets read my very first post:

"Well this is my first post, and I don't have any idea what I'm doing. Apparently I am supposed to write down my thoughts, my ideas, my dreams. Lets see how long I last at doing that.
A little about me. I am a busy mom of three wonderful kids, sorry children (they are not goats (:  ), who keep me extremely busy. On top of that I work full time. Thank goodness for my husband without him, I would be crazier than I already am.
So any way that's all , because I don't have anything else to say write now."

Boy that was some great stuff!!! (Can you hear the sarcasm?) I mean since that time I have called my kids, kids a billion times.  Am I a hypocrite or what?!?!

and this is the one comment I had like two months later, right after I met my BBFF Jennifer.

jennifer said...

HEY, I'm out here! I had to read your first ever post (do you do that, read the first one on a person's site so you can see how styles have changed etc? or is this another weird Jennifer thing - wait, don't answer that). I'm totally done stalking you now, and I think I may go clean....I don't know, SOMETHING. Jennifer

I do have to admit I am really really surprised I lasted as long as I have, but oh am I so glad I have.  The experience this has brought me, the friendships are just unbelievably awesome!!!

God has used this blog world in some pretty amazing ways, and y'all I can't wait to see what happens this next year!

Now I am going to do something I have not done in all of my long one year blogging career.  I am going to have a give away.  This give away is a little different though, because I don't know what I am going to give away. 

The only thing I am for sure of is this.  Whatever I give away, will fit in this box:



Its about the size of a shoe box, and yes I know its a Christmas box.  You can always use the box next year.  Seriously though I don't  have any idea what I am going to put in it yet.   It will come to me though.  Also I will try my very hardest to get the gift out in a reasonable time frame.  I am a horrible procrastinator, so hopefully it wont be next Christmas when you get this box, and whatever mystery prize comes with it.

So entering is simple just leave me a comment telling me how wonderful I am.  Hahahaha Just kidding!!!

Just leave a comment, I don't care what you say.  Well I do care about what you say, y'all mean alot to me, I just don't want you cussing or being potty mouthed.  Not that, that has ever happened before.  Oh just go leave a comment!  :)

Anywho, Happy Blog Birthday, Blogiversary to me!!!!!!!!




Rambling Girl said...

WOW It's 5:54 and I should still be in bed...this is what I do when I can't sleep...heheheh come to blogland and visit...So I thought no can't comment right now, it will kick me out of the giveaway...(your thinking and I know your thinking) but I said who cares I am glad I am first...

Gosh I am so happy you began your blogging...I have seen a lot of great bloggers around and Valarie your one the funny stories you share...the favorite was the saw sawing off the cast..brought back memories when I had the same thing happen to me when I was his age. Oh and it did stick.

Love looking back at the Trunk and Treat pics from all the times your family dressed up....Buffoloe Chicken Dip...OMG people gotta try this...I did it last weekend for hubby birthday delish! Sorry forgot to tell you Valarie.
Gosh just so many things about your blog is wonderful...but the best is that your share so many things about our wonderful God.

So thank you for trying this blog out and your one year aniversary...I am very lucky to have met you! Keep on blogging!

PS...going to the BIG city this weekend so I can find something really nice to send your way...I have not forgotten!

Also did not mean to make this a book!lol ok back to bed for another couple of hours before work.

The Graves' House said...

congrats on your blog's b-day! isn't this a wonderful place to 'visit' with others. i have been so inspired since i started blogging. and the encouragement you can get from those you have never met - how awesome! can't wait to see what comes in that box, i just hope it comes to my house. thanks for sharing your life with us out here in blogland - we enjoy reading it each day!

Vader's Mom said...

Happy Blog Birthday to a wonderful cousin - whose blog is a bright spot in my day.

Simply_Pam said...

Like you I got caught up blogging because of someone else.(thanks daughter of mine) Thanks to blogging I now have less time to ponder my own reality.I'm to busy laughing at "life statements " made by others. We're all in the same boat.. some just paddle faster then others...On a good day a blog will teach you something or give you reason to laugh out loud when you thought there there was no reason to laugh at all...Thumbs up to "sharing and caring"...

Bahama Shores Mama said...

I'll have to leave a short ~ Happy Blog Birthday since I'm running off to the doctor's with the baby.......but know that if I had the time I'd write a WHOLE bunch of things about how much I enjoy reading your blog!

*here's a pinch to grow on, too*

P.S.He loves you.. said...

hmm yeah what mom said ;D

that and it was a wonderful "sounding board" for I liked to talk a lot and when I started doing this I noticed I listened better for it's all good!

So glad you did it too!

Sandy Toes said...

Congrats on your Blogiversary! How exciting! You are wonderful...I love reading you everytime you fun, honest and true!

Can't wait to see all you do this coming new year!
-sandy toe

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary

Lou Ann

Leigh said...

Congratulations, girl! I am so proud of you and your awesome blog! I am so glad we started communicating & commenting. You are a friend.

Congrats. Woot!~ Woot!

tidymom said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!

I just recently found your blog and love it!! I'm still dying to know where/how you got the life size Edward!! My dd's and I are just as obsessed and they haven't shut up about it since they saw your post! LOL


.jen. said...

Hi, Valerie! I am a new blogger...and love reading yours...hopefully I will feel as accomplished on my blogiversary! I want mine to look as pretty as yours!

MAMA (MAWMAW) said...

Well, Happy Anniversary little girl. I want to sign up for the free gift too, but I guess I can't because I am not a blogger. I am "old" and cannot get my little girl to come up here and help me set up my own blog. Please, all of you who follow Val, tell her to help me. I have been asking for so, so long. So Val, if I can't sign up for the surprise gift, you will have to go out and buy me something (or make me something). We don't want that crafty room to go unused. Love ya anyway. Lots and lots.

Jenny 867-5309 said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Ashley @ said...

Wow the 1 year blogoversary is BIG! Mine is in May. I think I started reading you from Kristen's blog. I saw that you used to live in TN and since I still do I got sucked in.

I love the funny stories about your kids! I also like when you do crafty stuff although it just reminds me how lazy and uncrafty I am.

Courtney said...

Who can pass up a giveaway? LOL. Even if we don't know what it is yet. :)

Seriously though, I have really enjoyed your blog over the last year. Happy Bloggoversary!

jennifer said...

Scooby Doo Dream Sequence... *snort*

Girl, you are NOT right! And I love you for it. NO! Not because it makes me feel better about myself - who said that? Being NOT right is a very big compliment (in my book anyway).

I am so bloomin proud of you for your accomplishments over the past year. Your followers are at 72 right now by the way. And you are absolutely YOU when you blog. Having met you I know that the real Valarie comes across in your posts. You don't put on airs chick.

And I'll admit something. I have read pioneer woman once or twice. A handful of times at most. But I read you EVERY DAY.

jennifer said...

Oh! Thank you for mentioning that comment. I was flattered my dear. And I never did actually go and clean ANYTHING after I left your site. Not that I remember, I just know myself really well.

Southerner said...

Happy Blogiversary! I wish I knew how I came across you- I am sure it was from comments on another blog. But, is it not amazing that friendships are made over a MACHINE? It has been so good to meet you in real life and get to know you. I do remember seeing you were from H.G., AL and I asked you if you were from a place the color of people's eyes (Hazel Green for those non Alabamians) Have a great day.

ValleyGirl said...

Hey, happy blogiversary!!! I always enjoy your blog, and Pioneer Woman's blog, of course. I'm not one of her regular readers anymore (had to pare things down a little!!), but I still head over there every now and again.

You, on the other hand, I visit each and every post! I look forward to another year of crafts, fun, and inspiration!!!

Mike Golch said...

Happy Blogaversary! I had my one year blog in december.It is a pleasure to have you as a blogging friend!

Valerie said...

Wow I just hopped over to see what you've been saying since the holidays kept me from reading some of my favorite blogs. Happy Bloggoversary!!! Like the others I love your blog!

Lisa said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!! I have to admit that I'm surprised you have taken to this as well as you have. You know I didn't take to it very well. I just don't have as much to say I guess. You are great at this! Besides, its a good way to keep up with you.

Love ya, Lisa

P.S. Yes, I still have the wheat grinder and I made two loaves of homemade bread two nights ago. It was gooooood.

Archie Mck said...

I'm glad you stuck around, Happy Blog-a-versary!

"And you would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for us Meddling Kids." ;-)

Ashley said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!! I'm so glad I've found your blog and 'met' someone so cool, so close to home. Some day we really should 'meet'. Enjoy your day! Oh - and I totally want whatever it is that's going in that box!

mah-meeee said...

yay! your blog turned one! wow, time did fly. i remember when i wouldn't have to scroll down this far to leave a comment for you. i'm so glad that you've got so many bloggy friends now!


Jen said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I'm so glad I found you...I think from The Roost. Congratulations. I started blogging (privately for family) but then opened it up to the rest of the world in August. It's been a fun ride.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Happy Blogiversary! I read your blog daily and know that you're always good for a laugh. Thanks for keepin it real and sharing a piece of your life with us!


Mc Allen said...

hmmm, I have no idea when I first started. I must check now. And I dont care why you sttarted blogging, I am just so very happy that you did. I am very thankful that we have become friends, I know that we were supposed to!! happy Blogiversary Val! And thank you for being such a wonderful friend and fellow Edward stalker.. I want you to share in my Cullen award.. I wanted you to have it, I just have my head in a fog!! You may come and get it... Now!! ;) ♥ LA

tam said...

Happy Anniversary! Came here from We are that family. Love it.

Tamara Jansen said...

Can you BELIEVE it? That the same thing my sister did to me.....and now I'm hooked too!

What a ton of fun, this blogging thing, eh?

Tammy said...

Oh Happy Day to you. Congrats and I'm so glad to have "met" you too. And one day we will MEET!

Muthering Heights said...

Happy blogiversary! I love your blog. There's always something funny and or cool & crafty here, which is why I subscribe!

I adore your 'Fro posts (always HILARIOUS), and your crafts are so inspiring. Keep the awesosmeness coming! :)

Memaw Barbie said...

Wow!!! You do have alot of followers. Keep up the good work. I got to meet Jesse today. She is as pretty as you. and sweet too. Congrats and Blessings to ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first year. Maybe I'll be so inspired to follow you into blogland.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Congrats again! There's an award for you at my blog!:)

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't found your blog I never would have found "Buffalo Chicken Dip" Thank you and Congrats on a year.


Misty said...

Happy Blogiversary! I so enjoy reading your blog and it inspires me that I may actually survive the toddler years.

Tipper said...

A big Happy Blog Birthday to you! Interesting how you started-kinda the same way I did-inspired by a friends blog. I enjoy what you do here-and am looking forward to see what you do in your 2nd year!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Happy Blogaversary!
You keep me laughing.

Marie said...

Fun post!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :o) I read the Pioneer Woman's blog sometimes's great!

Stephanie said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blog birthday! What an appropriat post...I'm new to the blog world (mine is barely a month old). I'm learning so much, and it's nice to be inspired by all the great blogs out there! I'm visiting from Imperfectly Beautiful. I'll be back to visit again soon.

jellyman said...

wait!! i have a question!!!!!!!

how is somebody going to win a prize by just commenting? are you gonna choose your favorite comment or something?? cause i don't think that is very fair?!!

and i don't think the blog land people will like that very much and they will stop looking at your blog..

or are you going to close your eyes and choose?? cause i don't think that is fair either cause you might know where peoples comments are...

or are you going to do the longest comment cause if so people could just do this ::


see that could be the longest comment.cause people would cheat.
so you have you be fair!

or are you going to number each comment and then put the numbers in a hat and draw..but you could rig that game..see this is what the blog land people have to think about!!

think outside the box people!!
she might cheat!! or you might cheat!! so be careful!!

D... said...

Happy Blogiversary! I really enjoy reading you!

Tami said...

January 9th is a special day for me, too - its the day my husband and I started dating! 18 years :)

Happy Blogiversary!!

Brandi said...

My comment is sincere and heart felt.... I love reading your blogs, it how I have got to know you better outside of church! You are a wonderful mother and friend, that is two things that I have got to know about you! You are so much fun and so much of a better writer than I! I love ya Val, have a great day!

P.S. I want the prize! JK

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday! I'm one of those girls who has no blog but lurks on others. :) You can look at our family web site if you want to:

The Thompson's said...

Hey Val!!

Happy Bloggy Day! I so love reading your blog and following along. Congrats and heres to many more. Oh yeah and like everyone else, I hope i win because i have never won nothin not a giveaway, a blog award, or even been tagged for that matter. Im such the loser I guess. :)

Have a great one!


Suzie said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!

The Southern Mom said...

HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! I'm so glad you have a blog...and so glad I "met" you!

Lorie said...

I'm so glad you have a blog therefore I started a blog , therefore, Barbie and Judy started a blog, then Ashley and Whitney started a blog, then Kerry and Dana started a blog,therfore Barbie's Mom started a blog, therefore her other granddughter started a blog and it was a pebble that dropped in the water and the circle keeps on going- we all aren't as good as you and we all aren't a celebrity with as many followers as you, but we share ourselves and its ALL good!!
I am glad you are my blog mentor, my Sista, my real life friend and in so many ways a big good part of my life!!!!!!
I love you!Lorie
PS..... I never got my ornaments, did they get broke? JK

Carrie said...

Happy Blog Birthday to you!! Happy Blog Birthday to you!! Happy Blog Birthday dear Valarie!! Happy Blog Birthday to you!! HEE HEE!! I recently came acrossed your blog but so far I am LOVIN' it!!