Friday, August 29, 2008

I sure am glad he is tough

****If you are looking for my Sizzling Summer its one post down****

My blog buddy Domestic Spaz is having a little get together over at her place. She has a friend who is expecting a new baby in December. Her first, so she is a bit scared about the whole mommy thing. Oh weren't we all! :) She wants us to give a story of a parenting boo boo, a lack in judgement, a mistake, maybe and uh-oh. Well let me tell you, I have plenty!!! For this particular post, I am going to give you a story about Little Logan. He is my third, so even a mommy who has been there already has her moments.

Logan was probably about 6 months old and we were on a shopping trip to Costco. I was there with my friend Lisa. (Hi Lisa!! She reads this, but doesn't ever comment. She is a lurker.) I can't remember if her daughter Kassi was with us or not. Anyway, we were going down the aisle and had stopped to look at something. I had Logan in a stroller and Lisa had a buggy. We were standing there talking, and had been in that spot for a few minutes. As we decide to move on down the aisle, I noticed that the stroller would not move. Something was blocking it. So I look to the front of the stroller, and notice a precious 6 month old Little Logan on the concrete floor of Costco. He had gotten through the straps and had slid out of the stroller, at 6 months old. This scared the snot out of me. We also got really tickled! I mean what if I had decided to just pull my stroller backwards and go on down the aisle the other way? Would they have come over the intercom and announced "whoever forgot your baby on aisle 4 please come pick him up at the service desk". I still get tickled thinking about it. Should you get tickled about almost leaving your baby in an aisle in the store, because you did not know he crawled out?

He has always been an active little boy. He started walking at 9 months old and has not slowed down since. You just never know what that boy will get into, and he has always been this way. Would ya'll look at his little face, it has stinker written all over it....


And it still does!


So friend of Domestic Spaz, it will be ok. You will know exactly what to do. It will just come natural. Cherish even these little moments, that may seem so scary to you. It is the best experience you will ever have.



Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Oh my! I would have had a heart attack right in the store!! He sure does look rotten! Love the freckles:)

D... said...

Oh gosh! God was certainly with you when you went in the direction you did. Babies/Kids are certainly wriggly little things.

Love the mischief in his eyes! Boys are so much fun.

Courtney said...

This reminds me of when Jackson fell out of the buggy at Target (not too long ago actually). The ladies a couple aisles over came running because they could actually here is head hit the hard tile floor. He had a pretty good pump knot but was okay. One of the few benefits of being hard headed. :)

Domestic Spaz said...

That is the cutest face! LOL! This is just like Goober... omgosh, I don't know how I've kept that kid alive this long.

Thanks for linking up!

Mike Golch said...

cute photos. I hope that you and your family have a greatweekend! Mike G. said that!

Tammy said...

What a hysterical story!

Ain't motherhood grand?!

Anonymous said...

Your son sounds like mine. He started crawling at 7 1/2 months and he never walked. HE STARTED RUNNING AT 9 MONTHS! He's almost 13 and I still can't keep up with him. Thankfully martial arts is where he focuses most of that energy now :-)

"Baby on aisle 4, baby on aisle 4!"

Mine is up, too. said...

I love that she's using blogland to reach out to others and gain this experience. Amazing!

jennifer said...

psst...even when I am out of town and not supposed to be blogging I find a way to read your blog :)

Even when Alabama kicks off in an hour.


I love that you #1 had the SNOT scared out of you (I SO would have used that phrase too) and #2 had to hit him with the stroller to find him.

I hope y'all have a great Labor Day Weekend. Get some rest, Jen's orders.