Monday, August 11, 2008


If you are looking for a good time, and like to do the following:

A) People Watch

B) Find good bargains

C) Look at other peoples junk

D) Hang out with friends

Then going to a 654 mile yard sale is the thing to do!

I don't know how I am going to explain everything we saw at all the places we were at, but here it goes. :)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I think I will let some of the pictures do the talking.

We headed out bright and early toward Signal Mountain, TN. As we come up the mountain you get the feeling that we are not alone.




Nestled amongst the trees is a space ship! Actually it's a house that looks like a space ship. :)

At our first stop, they had lots and lots of stuff. Lots of stuff I liked, but it was early in the day.


I really liked this piece, but they had it priced a little high. I was looking for bargains, and something I might be able to bring back to live with a little love. :)


I did not like something they had displayed on this piece.


At least he was dead. :(

Hey Apron Queen I thought of you while I was up there! :)


As we were leaving one of the stops we saw the neatest motorcycle! It was bright yellow and had the cutest trailer attached to it. Of course I did not have my camera ready, but luckily we caught up with it a little further down the road.


We stopped at a community center that had a thrift store in it. This is where I found two of my favorite buys of the day!


Donna and I both got one of the wicker loveseats, and I got that steamer trunk!

We paid $2.00 a piece for the loveseats, and I go the trunk for a whooping $3.00!!!

Before I get into a resounding theme going on at these yard sales let me make a shout out to all my Texas blog buddies!!


Ok now on to weirdness. What is up with ugly dolls at these things. I don't just mean ugly, I mean downright creepy and scary! I know a lot of them are antique and all, but they are creepy! So bear with me as we look at the abundance of weird dolls and creatures.........

DSC_0350 DSC_0353

DSC_0358_edited DSC_0354_edited


I think Santa has had bit to much to drink.


I hope you can read what this thing says :)........


DSC_0366 DSC_0367_edited

DSC_0384 DSC_0383_edited

DSC_0385_edited DSC_0390

This one truly was evil looking! The picture does not pick out any features on this doll's face, but it was made out of like an old peach pit, so it was all wrinkled and it had some sort of yellow eyes. Very, Very creepy. :(


If you want more creepy dolls go here.......

Out of all the things we saw Saturday, I believe the next thing had to have been the weirdest. I looked over and saw this........


Yep that is a coffin. A baby coffin, oh but it gets weirder........


It has a removable plaque, that when actually removed, reveals a glass look through window.

Now I believe the creepiest part about this whole thing is the fact that there were two of them earlier in the day. Someone actually bought the other one. Now you may say why would anyone want to buy one of these. Apparently whoever bought it was going to make a coffee table out of the thing. WHAT? If you are the person who purchased the other coffin, will you please e.mail me and explain to me why you would want to do such a thing.

Sometimes, I just don't understand people....

I guess I just need to put my big girl panties on and get over it. :)


More to come stay tuned.............



Dawn said...

**Waving back at ya from over here in Texas!!!**

So cool! So, how many mile of the trail did you actually do? I'd love to experience this sometime.

Come visit me today for some pics of some great late 80's big hair!

Kimmie said...

Hi Valerie!
Oh goodness girl, look at all the stuff you photographed! Loved the dresser but not that ugleeeeeeee snake! Eeek! Great finds on the wicker and the trunk! Whoopa! Oh those dolls are not fun at all! Laughing at your big girl panties! Love the color...*giggle*

I am happy you had a fun time and look forward to seeing more!

Hugs Sweetie,

P.S. I read down the page, I really had a good laugh at Syd with the tabacco! Did she turn green? ;-) Ick! You are such a cool family!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

this looks SOOOOOOOOOO fun!

April said...

Oh you have time to blog , what about BOOT CAMP? Yes mam, where were you at 5 this morning ? Asleep?

Misty said...

You can't see my face but I'm green with envy. Fabulous finds! Except for the dolls. The one next to Santa's gonna give me nightmares!!

Tammy said...

I have always wanted to visit the world's longest yard sale. I've not had a chance yet.

The dolls are WAY too creepy.

Anonymous said...

Those dolls are scarin me!
Oh yeah, Buck is a long way from treatment!

The Southern Mom said...

Ohhhh...stuff nightmares are made of!

But I love the wicker and the trunk, good deals!

carrie said...

I haven't been to a yard/garage sale in so long! I love all the weirdness - thanks for sharing! :)

Southerner said...

Oh, I am so jealous. My friend came back to town so I didn't go. Next year I am going. My MIL used to go to Ohio each year and then they would work their way down.

Coffins and babies that wake up and kill you at night.... I would have nightmares. Someone probably used that coffing for a Halloween decoration coffee table.

Need more info on the thrift store- great prices!

Life on the farm... said...

cute... cute...

jennifer said...

Scanning fast through the dolls I hate dolls will not look are they gone yet aaaaAAAAAAAHHHHH!

That green/blue crackled piece was fabulous!

OK. Trunk for 3 bucks. WAAAAY good deal. Hubby bought mine for 75. That should make you feel even better about your find!!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Ok.....the snake actually made me flintch. I have always wanted to do that trip. It would be kinda hard coming from Oregon though. I can't believe you got the wicker fo $2.00..SCoreeeeeeeeeeee. cherry

Brandi said...

Loving the granny panties...LOL

So You!!

jennifer said...


Hey. I answered you back. I don't know about the Mac's either.

Jen said...

The dolls are freaking me out!

I can't believe the incredible buy on the wicker, I am so jealous!!!!!
The Park Wife said...

I have always wanted to go to that long line of sales! I'm glad to see it through someone else's trip.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Ok that coffin was creepy!

and what's with a spaceship home!

Now I hope you picked up some great giveaways...hint hint!

Glad you liked the know bloggers we are always looking for strangers approval! LOL!


Amy said...

I would be broke.

Burgh Baby said...

Yup, those definitely qualify as creepy. *sneaks out to go to Flea Market and find creepy dolls of her own*