Thursday, January 20, 2011

2000 Flushes


So I have been sitting on my pity pot and now it is time to flush it!  <Insert toilet bowl flush here> 

Ahhh doesn't that feel better!  All Roses and Sunshine now!  (Not really but we're gonna pretend)  Denial people....its not just a river in Egypt but it will get you thru sometimes.

Im going to take a moment now and catch you up on things going on around the house.  That way we are all up to speed.  :)


Jessie is 20!  She will be 21 in July! I am officially old....:(  She has a new boyfriend who is a giant.  No literally she comes up to his armpit. 


They have given me a beautiful Grandbaby....Meet Abby :)



Isnt she precious.....:)


Yall didnt think I was talking about an actually baby did you??


Sydney is 16 and will be 17 in a May and yes again I feel old.  She is a spit fire of a girl and I would not get in her way if I were you.  She always has a boy somewhere not to far behind.  We wont mention any names because it might be different next week.  ;)




And then we have Little Logan :)  He is a 10 year old  Xbox & Nerf Gun enthusiast.  It wears me out listening to him talk about these things.  His pastimes are playing Xbox, modifying Nerf Guns, and pestering both of his sisters.



What about me you say???? Well I have started selling Mary Kay.  I decided it was high time I do something a little extra for me and my future and since my job doesn't have a retirement plan, this was going to be mine.  I just started it, but I can tell you now that I am going to love it.  I mean what girl doesn't love make-up.  :)

I have also decided to do a half marathon in Nashville.  I think I had a moment of insanity when I registered for this.  I am committed now and am looking forward to actually completing it!  So look for more posts about that later.

So until the next time....buh bye!!!













Mia said...

I like your positive spirit. Keep it up.

(Sighs) I miss Nashville, i love how people are so warm and friendly down there...I can't wait to visit Nashville again. Have fun at the marathon.

Tammy said...

Oooooo Emmmmmm Geeeeeee. You POSTED on your blog. Dang it, now I gotta go put something on mine.

Dawn @ simply transparent said...

glad to see you doing this!!