Thursday, January 13, 2011




What do you do when you have lost trust in someone?  That is the question. How do you move forward when you put yourself out there and you keep getting beat up.  One step forward, a hundred steps you keep moving forward or change directions.  What if that direction is big and scary and hard to go down and you feel you are going down it alone?

I guess I need to put my big girl panties on and suck it up....




Dawn said...

Nothing judgey here... what's going on chica?

Be blessed!

j said...

I could make a looooong comment to this one. The short answer would be - GOD.

If you are talking about being given a bad deal by an insurance company, cut them loose and get a different provider.

But, if you have to try to trust this person again (meaning you love them, they have said they are sorry and have repented), you will have to do it through God's power and in faith that He has your best interest at heart. The same way we love people who seem unloveable to us through God, we trust those who don't seem trustworthy through him too. Put it in His hands.

Now I KNOW, this sounds like a pat answer but I also KNOW it is hard to just give things to God.

You sound like you are in a painful place. I'm here for you - call if you need me. Having someone who is removed from your family or your community to talk to might help. Love you Valarie!

(Aren't you glad I didn't leave the LONG comment - sheesh)

Mia said...

I dont really how many times have you atekn those steps back and forward.....if its only you who is making an effort to take this steps, its a sign that you alone are working on it.

Once can't always let go, there is a limit to everything. If you think its reached your limit...thats another sign that you need to flip the page and move on...

I hope things fall into palce for you. take care

Dawn said...

Just checking back in on you... how's everything over there?

Be blessed!

Dawn @ simply transparent said...

learning to trust again comes with time..but in order to even begin we have to be forgiving, it's first forgive (77 x's 7)trust will come with time..

I trust your going to figure it out :)