Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok so here are the answers to the last post. Remember these answers are to the phrases that were in purple. (also I really hope that my scheduled post are coming up correctly. Otherwise this makes no sense whatsoever)

You Shore New Dull - Use Your Noodle

Tempo Might Hung - Tip of My Tounge

1. Us Heaven For Tease Heaven - A 747

2. For Teed Asian Fourteen Heights - Forty Days and Forty Nights

3. Eight Reap Ease Hoot - A Three Piece Suit

4. Aid Heads Gun Kin Their Owed - A dead skunk in the road

5. Up Ark Arrange Her - A Park Ranger

6. Haste Robber Heap Hatch - A Strawberry Patch

7. Rack Ooze Bug Eddie Saws - Ragu Spaghetti Sauce

8. Are Eight Ease Pails Rat - R. A. T. spells Rat

9. Deep Hero Mid Solve He Chipped - The Pyramids of Egypt

10. May Sunned Hick Sun Align - Mason-Dixon Line

Have Thief Honey Skidding Their - Half the fun is getting there.

Hope y'all had fun playing along. I am actually probably either in GA right now or on my way home. So I have not even been able to read your answers yet. I can't wait to get home and read your comments.


Dawn said...

This was fun but I am absolutely NO good at this game. *sigh* I had my kids come in and try to "play" the game, too. We're heading for Ohio next week to visit family. I may have to buy the game while we're there so we can all play.

I loved the video of you and the kids playing. I especially loved hearing your accent - you sound just like all of my relatives in AL and it made me wish for a visit with them!!!

Anonymous said...

Now it all makes sence. well duh,mikey.
that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Tempo Might Hung - Tip of My Tounge

This is the only one I knew?!

The rest where on the tip of my tougne!

Funney game think I'll invest for family fellowships around here..

Rhea said...

Wow, ok, now I get a better idea of what was going on here with this game. I was totally confused...and I think I suck at this game. I'd love to practice more though, because it looks like fun!

Great post!

Alisun said...

That was fun I am not good either but I still had fun.