Wednesday, June 4, 2008


****Sorry if you subscribe to my blog. I had some technical difficulties and had to up load this several times :)

If you have sneaky children, do not I repeat do not let the computer remember who you are! So I hate typing in all the info to get onto my blog so I let blogger "remember me". Well look at what it has gotten me.

1. Several Hijackings from my children, my sister, and now my husband.

2. I just keep finding sneaky little things that little Miss Jessie has done. Like this for example, my About Me:

(changes are shown in bold and italicized)

I'm a Christian, married to the most wonderful guy, and mother of three, ages 17 (Jessie, she's my favorite of the 3), 14 (Sydney), 8 (Lil Logan). I come from a big family and wouldn't have it any other way. I think I'm pretty outgoing, but I think some people might just call it weird. :) Mother, you shouldn't save your password to the computer. Because then someone could come and change your "about me". You forgot to mention that i'm your favorite daughter out of the three(which i added).

Sneaky I tell you. The about me has been changed back though.

There is no telling what else I am gonna find. So if you see something on here that probably does not look right, just let me know.

Update on all the begging that has been going on around here.

Jessie is still begging for a nose piercing, and I thank you all for your comments about it.


Sydney on the other hand is begging for a goat more than a piercing. The answer to that one is a big NO!


Lets not leave out Lil Logan. He is just always begging for something, you just never know what its going to be.


Let me just show you something I caught on "film" the other day at Daddy's. Now Jessie is a smart girl, but not smart enough not to ask her PaPaw about a nose piercing. :)

Here she is asking what he thought......


Here he is saying are you out of your mind?


Here she is realizing that we are laughing at her.....


Here she is saying Mooommmmmmm......


This is her about to say the famous "Whatever".......


Jessie arguing with Lisa and Robin.... They just laughed at her :)


Just so we can get a feel for what she would look like, lets put a little dot on her nose. :)



Personally I think it looks like she has a bit zit ready to pop.

And just because I can, I give you this.


Syd I see nothing in your teeth and Jess there are no bats in the cave, but there will be if you get your nose pierced. :)'

I love you!!!

Your Mother


Dawn said...

You guys crack me up.

BTW... Burrito was gonna help me with some April Fool's retaliation (TP'ing) this past Friday and he GOT CAUGHT before even starting.

Sheesh. What's a mom to do? I've tried my best to train them right. (*hanging head in shame...*)

Lilith Silvermane said...

That is too funny. My 16 year old daughter says your daughter is soooo pretty!

She wants a piercing too.. I keep laughing at her. :)

Debbie Yost said...

I saw the profile "update" the other day. :) It looks like you have your hands full.

We are THAT Family said...

They need discipline. The whole lot of them.

Can you come give mine some too, when you're done?

Susie Harris said...

Thank you for making me feel normal. My sweet, straight A , almost 16 yr. old daughter is on my case to get her belly button done. Not in my house I say.... I must be the MOM... I must be the MOM... Does it get any eaiser? We need to set up a hotline! Thanks for sharing your real life, Susie H

Anonymous said...

I'm against the piercing, but those are cute pics-

Rhea said...

You do have some little stinkers in your house. lol This post cracked me up. Your family is a riot. I can only imagine the fun in your house.

I'm ambivalent about body piercings. I think once she's eighteen she can do what she wants...but until then she's under your roof and your rules.

I once had a waitress snort out a nose ring into the food she had just placed in front of us. It was totally disgusting.

Rhea said...

Belly button piercing can be dangerous (I know she's is asking for a nose one). My sister got one and it got infected. Not a good place to get infected.

Lorie said...

Take it from a Meme, Mama, there will come a time when you don't have a say and there will probably come a time when there is a tat or a peircing and you'll still love
them and yes, the older generation will use it for narratives about the good old days-so just so you know the day may come anyway. I have one normal non tatted, or peirced girl (guess who) and my other two express themselves-I still love them and it could be worse. We`are talking about 28, 26 and 23 year olds though!
I love you-keep up the good work!

jennifer said...

Y'all just have too much fun.


marky said...

Love this story!! and pics.. I think the tiny nose stud is pretty trendy right sure beats the tongue piercing my oldest opted for at college!

Birdie said...

first of all, the new look is nothing less than gorgeous & I'm very jealous. Your photos are amazing too! What are you using??? And a nose ring??? Is she KIDDING??? Why ruin a beautiful face with a large hole??

TJ said...

Oh my goodness! I love that she hi-jacked your blog! That is too funny! I always type in my info, because hubby threatens to do the same to me.

I have piercings, but I got them after age 18 (actually I got my piercings at the age of 23 and 28, my tattoo was age 18). My kids will have the same option. Before that, the answer is no!

I love all the crazy photos, and your children are beautiful, and look like you!

cajungal01 said...

I wonder what the fascination is with nose piercings..I just don't understand it. But I think it's fabulous that y'all let her ask her Dad as y'all sat back to watch (and capture) the reaction! Priceless!
Also...I love your photos! I need some clues to some of those effects. Do you have a special effect lens on your camera or do you play with them "after the fact"?
WONDERFUL blogging!

Janel said...

Too cute! Very funny photo of PaPaw and his reaction. That generation just must think this new up and coming one is nuts.

Beautiful girls!

Jana said...

I know no one wants to hear what Aunt Jan has to say - but I say no piercing - not now, not ever. You all are too funny. I wish I had been there when Jess asked Daddy if she could do it.

insane mama said...

This is so sweet! I let Amanda have a nose ring, thanks GOD it didn't stay too long, tell her that it does indeed atract the bats in the cave.

LifeatTheCircus said...

You guys are so funny!! What a clever daughter you have. (hijacking your blog) At least you are having fun with this difference of opinion. Keep us posted!!