Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hijacking from JESSIE!!

Hey everyone! Mom doesn't know i'm doing this, which i guess is why ya'll call it hijacking. but she shouldn't save her password to the computer :) hehe. I was just going to say thanks for all the comments about graduation, i really enjoyed reading them, and yes i cried...now onto the fun stuff.

I read one of the blogs my mom posted with the "funny" pictures of us from my grandparents...but she didn't even post the funny/embarrassing ones. i don't think she, or my aunt lisa would mind if i posted one or two of them. =)

...see they don't like to post these pictures because its what they REALLY act like.

big booty big booty big booty. whoop whoop, big booty!!!!!!!!

(big booty, photoshopped out at request of owner :o) ----Valarie)

okay, so they will eventually not like me because of this. but they had it coming.

So i'm done with the pictures, and i have a question to ask everyone. What do you think about nose piercings? because well, i want mine done, bad. But there is a problem, i am not 18 yet, so i can't go get it done by myself, and i've been trying to talk mom into it(which she said she doesn't care if I get one) her excuse to not take me was she "didn't want to be held responsible" okay, thats just not a good enough excuse for me!!!!!!! So, i think everyone should convince her to take me to get it, i mean its the least she could do since i haven't got a graduation present yet*ahmm.. I WANT MY CAR, MOTHER! =)* annd, i didn't get a senior trip. Whats a girl to do? =( its just a piercing, i could always take it out. and i would be paying for it, she just has to sign the papers. all in favor, say I. (and i better get a lot of I's. Hopefully it will convince her!!!!) ..oh and to clear it up, its not gonna be something nasty, or too big. I just want a little one, the ones that look good and make you say *aww, thats cute! i want one!*

Thats all, folks!


Debbie Yost said...

Hi Jessie,
LOL! If you are trying to get a favor from your mom, posting pictures of her rear end on her blog is not a good start! :)

You asked, so here's my opinion, I think nose piercings are gross. For one thing, I can't get past the whole snot thing. It has GOT to hurt to blow your nose with that thing in there. My girls don't even want to pierce their ears yet, though, so I haven't done any research on the matter. In the big scheme of things, it's one of the least offesive piercings to me. Eyebrows and tongues make me cringe! AND like you said, it can be removed, unlike a tatoo. I always wanted my ear pierced at the top but could never get anyone to do it (Walmart). In the end, I lived and I'm glad it wasn't done. These are just my thoughts on nose piercing, I am not going to give an opinion on if she should take you or not. That is between you and your mom.

The Southern Mom said...

Oh...you're just gonna l-o-v-e me.
Sorry, but I'm with your mom. 'Bama girl wanted one when she was 17 also, but I told her not until 18. Long story short...she has decided to become a lawyer and a nose ring is not becoming to that profession. (She also wanted a tattoo - just a small one! - same story!) So, my 2 cents - wait...you never know what the future brings. Sorry.

Dawn said...

I'll just say that rarely is anything "trendy" done in the teens or early twenties and still considered a good decision by the time you reach your thirties.

Show your mom how mature you are by being able to be disciplined to wait a year. If you still want to do it after a year's time, then you'll be legally able to do it without her help

Southerner said...

Buy the girl a graduation present so she will quit with the nose piercing. I guess I am the wrong person to ask, sorry Jessie, but Please, don't do it! Go play catch with her and hit her in the head with the big ol softball- when she wakes up and doesn't know who she is tell her everything except she wanted a nose piercing. Oh, tell her she likes to clean her room and is always really sweet to you and her siblings. And the Aunt should really sit on her with the "big booty"

Valarie said...

I will say that a cute little diamond speck in your nose would be super-cute! I know many people with nose piercings...they are cute AND clean. Nose studs have come a long way :-). If your Mom is up for it then I say go for it!!! Accessories nowadays go beyond necklaces & earrings. When done tastefully, nose rings are a great accessory.

A side note, if you do go for it, is that I've heard that it is pretty painful. Just think of the times that you've had an awful booger pulled out and how bad that hurts. Piercing your nose does hurt a lot worse than that. Not trying to scare you, just trying to prepare you :-).

Blessings ~ Valarie

Valarie said...

P.S. ~ One of my closest friends that has her nose pierced is also a grandmother. It looks fantastic on her and she has the personality to go with it.

Treasia said...

Well my mother shouldn't have left her password on here either so you're gonna like my answer. I think it would be totally cool to get one of them done. NOT! This is actually a mother whose daughter doesn't have the password.

Gotta GROW with it said...

Oh girl...I'm changing my password soon. Well to your daughter: I love a delicate, small, beautiful nose ring. So I think you should go for it. I heard you have to rinse it in saltwater though so be ready to go through torture to be pretty!

Btw...your mother can still get back at you on her blog so I'd be careful!

Valarie said...

The job career i am actually wanting to go into, some of my friends are in, and have nose piercings. They also make retainers for that kind of stuff..which is a clear studd..can't even notice you have it in. So, i'm being rebellious here, and not even waiting another year, because i've wanted it longer than that, its taken me this long just to get her to say "i don't care, but i'm not signing"...so, if she refuses to sign by July 8. i'm going and getting it done. 'nuff said :) i think they're cute, and when worn properly do NOT look like zits, boogers, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so a little diamond in the corner of your nose would be cute BUT think about when you want to take it out (in a year or so). Let me just say that when I/we got our belly buttons pierced, I was all excited and it was cute. But then when I decided to take it out, I was left with a hole where the ring used to be. I have had mine out almost a year now and the hole is still there, I don't know if other peoples goes away, but mine didn't. Plus (this is gross) stuff gets stuck in the hole (lotion, sweat, etc.) that you have to pick out. So just a thought, you might be stuck with a hole on the side of your nose when the day comes that you want to take it out. So that is my thought :)

Tipper said...

It has to hurt. Noses are so sensitive. It has to hurt.

jennifer said...

Hello Darlin'!!! I am glad to hear from you.

Excuse me just a minute...
Valarie, she said that you don't care about the nose ring. RIGHT?

Sorry! I'm back. OK. This is what I think. A teeny little diamond twinkling in the side of a cutie poo young nose is quite lovely. Something that not just anyone could do. OK?

NOW - what about boogers? Have you asked anyone that? Cause I have always been curious about what people with nose rings do when they have a really bad headcold.

ALSO, what does it look like when you get tired of it? Hard for you to imagine right now, but there will come a day when it might not look right on you and you want to NOT wear it. Do you then look like you have a third nostril? I am SERIOUS. I really want to know what it would look like later. Cause if it left you looking kind of Marred, and you HAVE to wear it and don't have a choice....not as cool?

It's like me. I had a tattoo of a Budha put on my, er, boob. He was a round, cute, smiling Budha and I was so proud of him. Now, 20 years and 3 breast fed kids later, he is Ghandi. A frowning Ghandi. See?

OK, not really on the tattoo, but if I HAD done that at eighteen, that is what would have happened. Just think it ALL the way through.

My real advice to you would be to listen to your Mom. She loves you Honey. She is at an age and a stage that YOU WILL BE at one day, so she can really give you some good insight.

Congratulations on your Graduation and I Pray that you will live a Blessed life. Give God props and he will prosper you in return.


Valarie said...

i have my belly button pierced(so does my mother..shhh!!!), and my cartilage pierced, and belly button piercings DO grown back, its just a matter of time...i'm sure if i got tired of it it would grow back =) but when i get it, i wasn't planning on taking it out. so MOTHER WHEN YOU READ THIS... PLEAAAAAAAASE!!!!

Valarie said...

oh, and jessica... i know you want to go get your nosed pierced with me =)

Valarie said...

After reading this, I will add...I, too, had my belly button pierced. I took it out and now, thanks to 3 kids, 2 of which weighed 9 lb.s or more, it is a hole with an ugly stretch mark above it. But noses aren't affected by pregnancy, weight gain, etc. And if the hole is tiny enough, and one day you decide to take it out, it shouldn't be too awful. I have 2 other close friends that both had their noses pierced and then later removed them and you can't even tell they had nose piercings. I'm cheering for you, Jessie! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is one that I am not gonna get in the middle of- since my 5 year old Hannah Montana wanna-be is dying to get her ears pierced- I think she is too young-so I am going to make her wait a year or two- just like my momma did me!

P.S. He loves you... said...

IMHO~ I think your too pretty to go poking stuff in your face...and you may not think anything of it..but I guess it's all gonna be OK if your kids want to do it before they are also 18 yrs old?

Serioulsy~ is your nose really supposed to look "cute or appealing?"

In moms defense whatever she allows you to do before your an "adult" she will have to allow the next (sis) and the next (bro)...and it's just to hard to open up one can of worms without the other,one day as a mother you will get it until then just agree to disagree and wait out the tide then knock your nose out, but be careful cause like I said your really pretty already!

Lisa said...

Gosh Valarie! That is a big bootay! You really can tell that you missed your work out yesterday. Gosh. I know you hate that Jessie put a picture of your big butt on your blog. Really. You. Big Butt. You. Not me.

Ok. On the nose booger....here's what I think. In the real world,a person that shows love to others and lives their life in a way that is pleasing to God is what REALLY matters. In life, jewelry is small stuff. Don't sweat it. If the hole in your nose will grow back when you are tired of the nose ring, I say go for it. Just make sure you know for sure that it will grow back. If it doesn't, please be kind and don't blow your nose when you are stnading next to me. :)

Love, Lisa

gabriel said...

I don't think nose, eyebrow, navel, nipple, lip, tongue, or _______ piercing is attractive at all. I honestly think it looks like stitches. Sorry. :-P

FWIW, when I was about 15 I really wanted my ear pierced. Mentioned it to Amanda and Valarie one day, and Amanda said, "Well, you know... girls don't think it's as cool as guys think they do." Valarie said, "yeah." That settled it for me, and I never did it. I don't regret it, either.

Tammy said...

Ummm, Nurse Blogger here....and there is NO way in the world I would ever say yes to that for my daughter. I hate to be the black cloud on the Teenager Parade. Sure there's the risk of infection and blah, blah, blah.....it's going to be ultimately your decision once you are 18. I'm afraid I would just have to wait until you turned 18 and let you sign the papers for yourself. Sorry.

jennifer said...

Jess, Honey, You are really so pretty you don't even need that nose ring. Folks are going to be drawn to your lovely face and sweet smile without something twinkling in your nose.

Unless you get a glitter booger, then they are looking IN your nose.