Monday, June 16, 2008



This past week has been so full of adventure, I really don't know what to talk about first. 

We went to a church camp at Belmont College in Nashville, TN.  The camp is called "MFUGE", and let me tell you this, it was awesome!!

The campus of Belmont is gorgeous, and I think I might try to talk the Sydster into considering it in a couple of years.

So I really did not know what to expect.  This was our first MFUGE, or Mission Fuge, and I knew it had something to do with missions, but really did not know exactly what we would be doing. 

When you get there you write down what mission field you want to be apart of.  You have the following, games and rec, social, creativity, and PCY or Painting Construction Yard work.  We adults being the adults we are, put down that we would be flexible.  Wherever God and the MFUGE staff needed us, that's where we would go.

So we go to the opening celebration, where we would be getting our assignments.  Let me tell you that our God has an awesome sense of humor, because he put me in PCY.  Yep painting construction and yard work.  I am sure he was laughing at the look on my face.  All I could think was its going to be alright there is a reason I am in this track group.


Well we leave the celebration with our track group and we go and introduce ourselves and then go to load our trailer up with all the stuff we need for our mission.  Stuff like lawnmowers, ladders, hedge clippers, weed eaters, gloves, paintbrushes, tarps, gas, and all that fun stuff you need to do PCY.

As we were loading the trailer, in the dark, I was walking from the back of the trailer down a small slope.  (I guess you know where this might be going)  I took a step and apparently stepped on a rock, which proceeded to roll down the hill, taking my right foot and everything attached to it, aka my leg, with it.  My left foot however decided that it liked where it was standing thank you very much and did not move.  Because it decided to stay put, my left foot went back behind me and my toes bent in a direction that God did not intend for them to go.

Do you know what though?  Apparently no one saw all this happen!  So I jumped up and acted like nothing happened, to save any further embarrassment of explaining why I was lying on the ground with my right foot one direction and my left foot positioned at my head.  When I get up I notice that I really don't feel hurt.  Phewww that was a close one.  That is until I have to walk onto the soccer field, by that time I have begun to limp.  Thinking to myself its not that bad, Its just sore from the fall.  I will take an Aleve and everything will be fine.

When we get back to our dorms, I climbed up onto my bed which was like 4 feet off the ground and looked at my foot.  The whole bottom of my middle toe was BLACK!!!  Oh great its the first day here and I have broke my toe!  If its not broke, something pretty major is going on with it.  So I ice it up and go to bed hoping things will be better in the morning, because I have PCY in the morning and have to get up bright and early to go get our lunches for our job site.  When I get up I can hardly move my foot, but with Gods help, I buddy taped my toe and was able to get my tennis shoe on and go on to my site. 

So starts my week at church camp. 

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures.  :o)




Southerner said...

I fell off the sidewalk playing putt putt at the resort in TN in the fall. Do you think we don't know what to do when we hit mountains in TN? Maybe we need to practice going up and down before we leave AL. Hope it heals really fast. Looks like y'all had a great trip, besides your visit from Grace.

Thanks for the sweet words you left. I am going to print out photos that I am in lately that I was not all smiling and holding my head up to avoid 3 chins, and keep them as motivation. I am also going to take some front, rear and side shots so maybe one day I can become rich from how much weight I lost. Jared had subway- I need to find somewhere to go everyday!

April said...

All that yoga comes in handy for these type positions, most would have injured more than a toe.

mah-meeee said...

ouch! you sure are one flexible gal! i would have fractured an ankle or something.

can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

P.S. He loves you... said...

I dont' have a "broke toe" story but I sure feel bad for yours!

Sometimes I wonder "why this, GOD?" In times when I'm helping others or doing some work for you?"

I'm sure there's a why to your story, and I'll be back for more "sharing"!

Happy surfing!

Rhea said...

Ouch, what a beginning!

We are THAT Family said...

As a former broken toe owner, I know how badly this hurts! Poor you!

Heather said...

Hope you're feeling better now!

Misty said...

Broken toe?!!! Why do we always have to get these injuries during flip flop season? Hope you have a quick recovery!

Kelsey said...

Ouch hope you feel better!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Hey there thanks for your comments!

I'm thinking your probley the only one who read on to see "why I had BIG hair that day!"

I didn't want to go into details incase "she" were to visit you know!

So thanks for understanding and for leaving feedback!

Happy surfing!

Ck out this guys new site:
His sister is helping him out and I thought he had some really good points!

Gotta GROW with it said...

poor thing! i enjoyed your description of your fall....mean of me, but the looking around and hoping no one saw it was classic! i'm anxious to hear the rest of the story.

jennifer said...

Oh shoot. Bless your heart. I am going to read the next post, but I am so sorry that you got hurt.

You know, seems like when you get older, you just can't fall and shake it off anymore. I know that has been true for me.


jennifer said...

Oh, and GRACE! well, you said....