Monday, June 2, 2008


You can all breath a big sigh of relief now. I am fine. I know you have all been thinking I fell off the face of the earth or something, but I have still been here.

Sometimes my weekends can get a little hectic to say the least. This weekend, I went to a softball tournament. Yes, I know it so exciting and I get to do this again this weekend.

Don't y'all want to go with me? Oh you can't go this weekend? Well that's ok we have at least FOUR MORE TOURNAMENTS this summer so you can meet up with me at one of those.

What you think four tournaments is not a big deal? Well lets just get some perspective on this. We have 10 weekends in our summer break. We have 7 tournaments that we are going to be in so that is 3 weekends off this summer. Ok, I will be over here crying if you need me.

This weekend we happen to be at park that has ALOT of air traffic. Southern 7 probably knows exactly which park I am talking about.

Apparently UPS planes come in on Saturday mornings. When I say planes I don't mean one or two, I mean like fifty or more.

Here is ONE of the many many planes that kept coming in.

We saw this all morning long.......







Yesterday we did not have to play ball, but I did have to decorate for VBS. I was so tired that this morning I slept through my workout, and not on purpose either, I just never woke up. I think I need a vacation.

Wait I get to go to Panama City Beach in July, I'll be on vacation then. Nope, Nope, never mind, we are going down there for a SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT!!!

Ok, I think I am better now. :)


P.S. He loves you... said...

What a good momma you are!

All this dedication will pay off when your in need of a nursing home *scratch that*meant care, right?!

Love those blue sky pix..and big birds.

mah-meeee said...

wow, so dedicated! then again, i'd rather be out at softball tournaments than stuck at home cleaning!

love how the planes are so close that you can tell they are ups planes.

kelsey said...

WHat great photos! Your a wonderful mom!

Anonymous said...

I used to enjy the planes landing,but sometimes while driveing on the freeway past Hopkins International airport in Cleveland they land over us and I hate that part.
I hope that you are haveing a great day,that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Kimmie said...

Oh geesh Valerie! I hope you LOVE going to all those tournaments! I would be getting the vapors. When I was younger I had so much more stamina...these days a trip to Wally World wears me out! LOL! I shouldn't laugh, that really isn't funny...:-(

Those photos you took of the airplanes are awesome. What a great blue sky on top of it!

Hope you had a great day! Thank You for stopping by my blog. :-)

jennifer said...

Is Liberty Park on the agenda for tournaments? Fultondale? Anything close that I might could bring Diva Daughter to watch and cheer your kiddo on? You know if you get close... and I'm Not already in Mobile...I would love to come!


Rhea said...

Good to hear from you, Valarie! That's so cool you play softball. What position do you play usually? Is it a recreational team or a league or what?

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, you are one cool and dedicated mom!! I would totally have a meltdown if basically all my summer weekends were booked up even before summer started! Shoot, I've got company coming two weekends this month and harvest will occupy the second half of August, and I'm already wondering how to relax and enjoy what's in between!!

Southerner said...

They are doing touch and go's to keep their liscense updated. In case you are not familiar with a touch and go it is a military term. The pilot lands and then immediately gains speed and takes off again, so he is practicing landing and take offs. I miss Eglin sooo much with the F16 and F15s flying over. They would do touch and go's and we would just sit and watch and feel the power. It is an amazing feeling.

You should have come and said hi, we live at the park every night. 10 year old is out of tournament but 8 year old has a great team that is in 1st place going into tournament.

Valarie said...

Rhea - I don't think anyone would have me on a softball team. I can barely throw one of those things. :) My 14 year old plays on a traveling team.

Southerner - Really? That would explain why it was coming over about every 10 minutes. That pilot should be pretty good at that landing, take off thing by now he only did it about 50 times. :)

Rhea said...

ROFL Gosh, I'm slow tonight. Of course it's your daughter who plays. DUH! I'm losing my mind.

Lisa said...

So since you're not busy this summer, can we have Father's day at your house? Deta wants to know.

Love, Lisa

p.s. I missed your call today. I was in a seminar and had my phone off. What did you want?

HRH said...

I used to work next to the Memphis airport. So close that when a plane was taking off (usually FedEx) I would have to pause a phone conversation because of the noise. So crazy.

And all those tournaments...bless you.