Saturday, June 7, 2008


okay.this is sydney once again.....if you all have not gone and looked at moms wbout me lately you might want to stop by over there.ha ha.
but i am here to see if yall can help me with somethin....i am tryin to talk mom and dad into lettin me get some goats....well dad says no and so does mom....but mom wants a minature i am sayin if she gets a minature horse i get my goats...and i really really want me some goats...i was goin to get some from my cousin wesley but he sold them all for two horses without tellin me. :( it made me mad!!
but i am askin yall to leave some comments for mom that are good things about goats cause i really want some and i promised i would take care of them even though i dont take care of my cows...but i cant really cause they would hurt me ...but that is all i am askin folks..
thank you :)

<3 love love Sydney :)


jennifer said...

Syd, you and your computer hacking skills (Napoleon Dynamite would be so jealous - LUCKY) just give me the giggles. Your mom must love you ALOT.

OK. Goats.


I don't understand the appeal of the goat. Do you have to cut the grass and this is your way out? Are you wanting to have a BBQ? Help me to UNDERSTAND sweetie cause I just don't get your goats.

If you feel like really explaining, you can do it here or leave it on my comments, either way. And this will be a GOOD exercise for you. Rule #1 of winning an argument is being able to sway someone. Part of that is having a good REASON, being able to explain WHY it is the best thing.

But you know, if Dad says no, well, DAD is the boss.

And for the record Syd... a miniature horse? Too small to ride, to big to carry around in a Designer Purse.... WHY?

If you are wanting something new around your home to take care of I can send you some Dust Bunnies.


Suzanne said...

I want a goat, too. They are so cute when they are babies and you can feed them from a bottle. I also want mini horses.

I live in Orange County, Ca. so probably won't ever have either.

Your mom and dad have to be on board with any pet purchase because they are ultimately responsible for the pet.

If they change their minds, please post pictures.

Rhea said...

ROFL Your house is wild! All these blog hackers.

Goats, seriously? lol How about Alpacas? Look them up, they're awesome.

Rhea said...

BTW, hilarious profile. lol

Well Behaved Krissy said...


Notice, nobody is pro-goats. :) I'm just sayin....


Anonymous said...

You need goats if you live on land that has lots of weeds, brush, etc. We love our goats. Visit my blog and see our sweet little goats! And they are friendly and very social! Really! So, they keep the weeds, and brush down, they are social, and they are really no bother. What more do you need to know? Enjoy! said...

The Park Wife here and as you know, I fully support young people learning to take care of animals. It teaches responsibility and a good work ethic.

Goats are great at keeping weeds and poison ivy!!! down, they are not loud, don't stink (unless they are a male, ugh!) They are great for pasture reclamation (helps to cut back on brush fires) and there is a growing market for their meat.

Sydney, I am on your side. We short hair girls have to stick together.

The Park Wife