Tuesday, June 3, 2008

okay hijackin from sydney 8D

okay. this is a hikacking from sydney.which i agree with my sister. i think she should get her nose pierced i think it would look really cute.
and i am trying to convince my mom next summer to letting me get my belly-button pierced....?? oh and i am gonna get my cartlidge.[spelling??]
but my best friend which yall all know us probably as two peas in a pod.well her name is jessi and we both want our cartlidge and our second holes again....so we are probably goin to if we can just convince that mother of mine.lol
but i was goin to get on here and put some pictures up of the family again casue i took ALOT of embaressin ones of them..but i coiuld not find them.....
well....since i am on here and have not been on here for a while might as well put some poems on here.....
i do not remember which one was my last one but i believe it might have been couplets......maybe??

so lets just go with a diamante...which is...a diamond shaped poem that follows a very long pattern i dont feel like writin..

Green, Short
Blowing, moving, swaying
Trees, rocks, clouds, stars
Staying, flying, singing
Blue, big

but hope all of you have a good summer.i got to get to cleanin.our summer will be full of softball but all yall have a good one:)
p.s.mom still never feeds me.!!i have been practically livin off pop tarts!!!

<3love love . Sydney Brooke

oh and mom does not know i am doin this so hopefully i dont get in trouble!


Dawn said...

Anyone else waiting with me to hear what dear old mom has to say about all this? Heehee!

jennifer said...

OOOOOOOOOOH you are gettin' in TROUBLE! What fun. I'm on board for the hijacking.

All right Ms. Syd, a FABULOUS home cooked meal is waiting for you. Just slip on the Alabama Crimson Tide T-shirt and have a seat at my table...after I move the laundry.

love LoVe LOVE the poem. What a talented poet. Cool that you have an interest in poetry beyond "roses are red..."

My 11-in-eight-days daughter has her second hole in her ear. I told her AT THAT TIME when she got it that was IT. No more holes punched in her body. She would be too freaked out to get a belly button ring. I now also have less love for your mom because her tummy is obviously flat enough to do that. If I did, it would look like a trailer hitch.
(OK, not really, I love your mom the same I am just MORE jealous)

So. What is the worst thing that will happen when your mom finds out? Grounding, extra chores, a STERN talking to? I'm thinking Aunt Lisa will already be a little irked at Jessie for the hiny shot. For the record, her hips are slimmer than mine. Sheesh, everybody has slimmer hips than mine.

Ooops. Sorry, you don't really care about momma hips do you?

OK, good luck with your mom. Tell her that I talked you into it. I BEG her Sydney, just ALL THE TIME to let you post poetry. You might have to read between the lines to find the begging, but it is there. I was THINKING it anyway.

Do good with your softball sweetie. If y'all get close to Blount County, let me know.


P.S. He loves you... said...

Me also Dawn!

"Girls justa wanna have fun.."

Anonymous said...

Sydney and Jessie, dears. Wait on the piercings. Learn as much as you can about what can go wrong. Infections can be disfiguring. You ought to be at least 18 in order to be able to accept responsibility if you have any kind of adverse outcome.

Most importantly, I can see even through your silly pics that you are each absolutely beautiful as you are. No piercing could improve the radiant loveliness of your young and healthy faces.

I know I sound like a mother... I am one. But not too long ago, I was a teen and wanted to get piercings (my nose and eyebrow) and was talked out of it, and today I am glad. (My face becomes more, er, interesting, with scars and lines and spots as I move through my 30s, anyway.) The lady who talked me out of the nose piercing said in some cultures it indicates that the woman is married. Interesting, and not the punk-defiant groove I was going for.

I won't lecture. But take a moment, please, to consider what message you want to send to the world (peers, sure, but think about the adults too) about your values, judgement, and risk-acceptance. Contemplate what sort of truly memorable impression you could make using your sense of humor and intelligence, not the application of metal and ink to your (young! healthy!!) skin. Okay, so I just did lecture a little.

My mom used to tell me, "You're some of my best work. I don't want someone else messing it up." Sweet, no? Rock on, ladies.

Lisa said...

Yeah. I like what "anonymous" said.

Thanks for insight Anonymous....


Valarie said...

This is jessie..again.

and i turn 18 in a month. so regardless of what you guys' think.

i'm getting it done. i've already done my share of thoughts on the infections and what not. not too worried about it. my bellybutton piercing went fine.

so nose pierce, HERE I COME!!