Monday, June 23, 2008



What do you mean you don't know what a tractor pull is???

This is a real question folks.  A friend of mine who shall remain nameless, told me she did not know what a tractor pull was. 

I had to work at our annual tractor pull this last Friday night, and when I told her what I was doing she just looked at me and said "What's a tractor pull?"

I was in complete shock!  She was raised in the south and did not know what one was!  Are there others like her out there??  Who have grown up in the south, but have missed some of the things that I thought were just common knowledge?

For those of you who do not know what a tractor pull is, (and I can not believe you don't know what one is) let me explain.

Tractor pulling, also known as power pulling, is a competition using tractors to pull a heavy sled along a 'track' and is very popular in rural areas. Usually the sled offers progressively greater resistance as it is pulled. It can be a great spectacle, and although the vehicle produces a great deal of noise and smoke and throws dirt everywhere, it doesn't actually travel very far. There are many different classes, from 'factory' tractors to custom built vehicles with multiple engines.

(taken from your friendly wikipedia)

You see the part that says "in rural areas", that is where I am.  I like to call it the boonies sometimes.  People who have to find my house like to say that I live out in the boonies.

This is quite a big event in our area.  People come from all over to these things.  People save up for months to come to these things.  People come out of the woodwork to come to these things.  Or in other words if your into people watching this is the place to be.


Speaking of people watching this guy caught me so off guard that I could not get the picture taken quick enough. 


I believe he had the best mullet that I have seen in a very very very long time.

So I had to work the Pork Chop and Steak sandwich stand. (boy I do believe I am making myself sound more country the more I type) Syd and one of her friends helped me out with this.


That is until they got distracted by the grilled corn on the cob.  Let me tell you that is some good stuff.



I sent Syd to go out and get some pictures of the tractors pulling the sled's, but she didn't get the best quality pictures.  I was able to get a few of them to show up just so you could see some of the tractors.


These are not your ordinary farm tractors!!



The sound that these things can make is deafening.  You can hear them pulling from miles away.  If you are at an event its a good idea to wear earplugs they are so loud.  If you are talking to someone while a tractor is pulling, you can yell as loud as you want, but they probably will not be able to understand you, even if you are right next to them.  The sound will literally vibrate your insides.  Its really awesome!!

You do have different classes that pull, and one of them is a truck class.  This of course is where trucks pull the sleds.  Here are few pictures of those bad boys!




This truck was Syd's favorite!  :)


So I want to know, have you been to a tractor pull? 

Do you know what I am talking about?

If you have been to one, what's your favorite part?

Do you think I am a big hick now? (cause I a really am)

If you have a tractor pull coming to your area, I suggest you make a stop by there to see what it is all about.  If you have young boys, they will love it !!  You might just love it, you might just hate it.  One thing is for sure though, you probably wont ever forget it. 




Carrie said...

I have heard of a tractor pull but wasn't sure exactly what it was but I am sure my husband would know he grew up on a farm.

Mike Golch said...

I must say tractor pulls are Great Fun,if not for the food alone.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.and yes us city folks do have a tractor pull at our county fairgrounds in a subburg of Cleveland.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Big Time Hugs and God's blessings to you.

P.S. He loves you... said...

yep been there done that tooo many times that I CAN STILL HEAR THEM LOUDLY and smell the fumes with it!

Meg said...

Tractor pulls!!! OMgoodness!

My son used to love those! Loud, loud, loud and fun, fun, fun!!!!

We are THAT Family said...

That is right UP our alley!

Looks like a blast! said...

i live in the south (FL), but not in the deep south. i will admit to being aware of tractor pulls but claiming ignorance like your friend. but you actually make it look fun.

jennifer said...

Now if you could work Tractor Pull and Fight the Frump into one blog post? You would be called 'Blog Master'.

Like "What Not To Wear To A Tractor Pull".... I think that is an Oximoron.

Tell Syd to come and get me in the Pop Tart Monkey Truck and we'll go Muddin'.

Please tell me everyone knows what Muddin' is.


Dawn said...

Been there, done that - and I don't even have the boonies to blame it on! Ha!

Gotta love the fair food, though!!!

Kelsey said...

HOw neat I hadnt heard of one either!

Southerner said...

I am one that I guess didn't actually know what one was although I have always heard of tractor pulls. Just never took it to the next level and actually tried to figure out what really happened there. I kind of freak out when we have been to fairs and you turn around and a 60 year old woman is in a sleeveless tee with a leather vest and tatoos is standing behind you. I am picturing her at the tractor pull. Mullets- oh my goodness, you know I did a drive by of our area and showed that we aren't hicks. You are killing me! So, do all the men have worn circles on their back pockets? I would like the pork chop and fried steak and grilled corn. I mentioned before that I don't like crowds so adding in deafening noises I think I would totally freak out. And, right here on your blog I am finding predjudices that I did not know I had- so sorry all you good ol boys and girls, I am working on it now. I will try not to stare at your mama's tatoos and sagging upper arms when she wears her leather vest.

StrawberryParfait said... to explain what it was to my husband. I grew up in the country...but he grew up in the city.

Going to one over July'll be his first...ought to be funny but enjoyable :)

And the food is always great :)

Anonymous said...

Okay- I have heard of it, but sdaly never been to one-
What about a "tobacco spitting" contest! That my friend is certifiable REDNECK!

Razor Family Farms said...

Indeed, I love me some tractor pulling! I've also been to horse pulls!

I always put cotton in my ears for the tractor pulls.


Rhea said...

I've never actually been to one, but I know I would just LOVE it. I knew what they were, of course, but just haven't had the opportunity to go. Looks like you guys had a blast.

I have to wear the bandage on my thumb for 48 hours, then can move to something smaller. :o)

YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Hi, come over from Lacy's blog.

Even I have heard of tractor pull and I wasn't even born here. :)
I have heard it many times and have passed through the fairgrounds when they were having it but I have never been to one before. One day I will.
This July 4th will be my first time going to a drag race. Can't wait!

Tammy said...

Ummm, Alabama CITY girl here. Heard of them, never been to one. But I probably would enjoy it, the people watching would be way more than FABULOUS!!

Love the mullet guy. I SO would have taken a picture of him too.

mah-meeee said...

thanks for the pix! i've never been to one, have no clue what they are about...


so what's the point of this pull? is it a competition to see who pull the furthest?

TJ said...

Us big hicks up here know all about tractor pulls. And we race our ATV's and Snowmobiles at the drag races.

My son would be in heaven, as he LOVES John Deere.

Kendra said...

okay i must admit that i did not know what a tractor pull was myself. but hey, now i do! :)

Tipper said...

You just haven't lived until you go to a tractor pull.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what a tractor pull is (shocker) but I have heard of it!
Jessica said...

There is someone in Alabama that does not know what a tractor pull is? Mind boggling.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh HORRAY!! Its not just me.

Ok, I admit it.. the friend is ME. I know nothing about the southern-world from which I come. I was a southerner raised northern.

I hate I missed this Val. I really was going to come till my son was asked to spend the night away from home.

Thanks SOO much for enlightening me. You're a hero.

Jenn said...

Well I am not from the south, but I am from cornfield county! There's nothing like a good tractor pull. WE country hicks just love 'em!