Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Tuesday June 10th

MFUGE day two.......

Well I got up today and buddy taped my toe again.  Shoving my foot into my shoe was easier than I thought.  The support of the shoe helped a lot.  One thing I did not think about, going into this camp was the fact that I might be painting.  The clothes I brought were cute, fun, and modest clothing (not that I don't normally wear modest clothing, but you can not wear tank tops here.  You must have sleeves).  No one told me I would have to wear jeans and tennis shoes onto my site.  Ok well I am sure it was in our paper work, but I didn't read all the fine print.  So I wore my cute NEW shorts and t-shirt.  I thought it would be alright, I will be careful. (Yeah right!)

Because I am one of the drivers of my group and I don't have a trailer attached to my car, I was in charge of lunch.  Yay, something I can do!!!  We have to have our lunches picked up by 7:30 am.  Except for when I am out of mind and going to my workouts in the morning, its hard for me to get anywhere at 7:30 am.  Thank goodness, I had my partner in crime Kristen.  We kept each other motivated, as we slept through our alarms and woke up freaking out several mornings, because we were running late. Say Hi to all the nice people in Blogland Kristen!!


So we left campus at about 10:00 after we had  our Bible studies, and morning celebration.  That first morning as we drove to Franklin, was very very quiet.  We had not gotten to know each other just yet so we had some awkward silence going on.  Our fearless leader Grant was in the other vehicle with Rusty the other "adult" in the bunch.  :) 

When we got to our site, we went right to work.  We were painting the inside of a dear lady's house, and mowing her lawn.   Mrs. K as I will call her, is a little spitfire!  She is 80 something years old, as big as a minute, and was moving furniture around her house.  She is a sweetheart, and I am glad I got work at her house. 

There were a couple of spots on the wall that needed to be puttied over, and guess who did it.  Yep me, I fixed holes in sheet rock.  Now at one point I was calling Logan in Alabama to make sure I was doing it right, but I did it none the less.  (guess who got sheet rock mud on her cute new shorts!)

We got back to the college at around 3:00, and we had promised the kids we would take them to Wal-Mart before worship.  Neal also needed to get some rest from the night before.  (there is a whole other story about why he needed rest, but I am under a gag order right now and not allowed to talk about it)  So we loaded up the kids and went to Wally World.  On the way over though some of them were so tired that they caught a bit of shut eye.  :o) (they are so gonna kill me for this!)


Do you know how much fun it is to take 22 kids to Wal-Mart?  LOTS OF FUN!!!  I did get me some new clothes to wear on my mission, because like I said before, I was not prepared.   

We ended up getting back and being 10 minutes late for Worship.  :[  Not only were we late for worship, but they had us sectioned off into churches.  Our church representative was sitting there waiting patiently for us to show up.  After what happened the night before (that I can not talk about because of the gag order) Kristen, Charlie, and I wanted to crawl under a rock. 

Our Camp Pastor's  name is Moses, and he has the most awesome tan!!  He was great and I really enjoyed his message.  Did you know he lives in an RV???


All in all day two went pretty well except for us being a little late to worship.  We got to bed around 1:30 and got up again at 6:00 to get ready to go and get our food for the next day.



Razor Family Farms said...

What an adventure!


I love the expressions on all of their faces! Teenagers are open books aren't they? If I'd only known that when I was a teen -- that everyone could tell what I was thinking by looking at me. Yikes! I'd have been horrified!


Liz said...

I stumbled onto your blog this afternoon, very fun! 22 kids to Wal-Mart? Nope, I wont even take my husband. :)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

BTW... for those of you wondering. Its not ME Kristen that she's refering to... :)

Looks like yall ahd fun Val.

Rhea said...

Ok, wait, you can't wear shorts? Why not?

22 kids to Wal-Mart? Hell no!! i mean, heck no.

Valarie said...

Oh yeah sorry Kristen :) different Kristen :)

Rhea - they were afraid that we might get cut by some debris we might be moving. I wore shorts the whole time though. :) I just went and got some knit burmuda shorts from Wally world to wear. Much more comfortable to paint in, and I would not be as worried if I got pait on them, like I did. :o)

April said...

too funny !! My poor husband waiting on all of you .

Lorie said...

I feel for you- the fun, the drama, the lack of sleep, the teen mania, the wonderful worship, the long days, the sweat equity, the moments with God, the meeting new folks,the missing the family, did I remember most of the chaperone days?I love you and missed you!

VENTL8R said...

Just stopping through for a quick visit. Broken toes stink; not a darned thing to be done with them......

Dawn said...

Aw, come on... just whisper in my ear... no one else is listening... what DID you do the night before???

Kelsey said...

Oh wow What fun!

jennifer said...

I own no Cute Shorts. You can't describe anything that big as "cute". Just Sayin'....

So LIFT the Gag Order and DISH. Sounds like an interesting story!

I bet you were so TIRED when you got home.


Tammy said...

Oh dear.....those late hours just might do me in! How fun to be with the "kids" and helping someone out!

Sounds like a lot of fun, if you think less than 6 hours of sleep is, umm, fun! ;-)

Lisa said...

I know the story and I haven't been gagged. Just sayin'. :)

I won't tell anybody though. (Unless I'm tortured)



Valarie said...

22 kids in a Wal-Mart?!?! When we were youth pastors we NEVER attempted that! You are a brave woman, my friend...a BRAVE woman!

~ Val

Kimmie said...


You were late for worship? tsk tsk! lol...I am late for everything. I don't mean to be, but I just have a hard time budgeting time. Sad face. Sounds like you are having fun...thats all tthat matters. :-)

Melinda said...

Thanks for the blogging lesson! I think I still need a little help! By the way, I love you! You are my best bud!

Lucy to your Ethel