Wednesday, June 4, 2008




I don't think I completely got my fashion sense under control until my late 20's.  

In junior high and high school, I think I was pretty out there with my fashion.  I was on the edge of fashion. Always looking through my TEEN magazine to find the latest and some times out there fashions. 

Now I did have my set backs before this.  I mean we all saw me last week.  Then during all of my pregnancies I lost all sense of fashion.  Especially when Syd was born and until Logan was about 2.  Boy those were some tough years. :(

Ok where was I.....oh yeah the edge of fashion.

I was the first one at our junior high with "Acid Washed Jeans".  I wore them either tight rolled, or I had them like this tight with zippers and bows on the back.  Wearing my white keds.  Like this....


Oh my friend and I loved riding that scooter around our neighborhood.  

To all my former neighbors, if you are reading this blog, I am so sorry for driving you batty with the scooter.  I am also sorry for driving you batty by driving my little Dodge Omni around the block a hundred times, and driving in reverse in front of my house back and forth, all before I was 16.  :)

Ok Valarie stay on track..

During this time, I don't know what kind of style you could say I had.  Maybe eclectic?  Anything that caught my eye, and boy could I come up with some good ones.  Like this for example.....

I give you my huge knit T-shirt, matching knit pants, tie-dyed outfit.  scan

Oh how I loved this outfit.  I wore it with these awesome "Chinese Laundry" canvas shoes.  They were black and white, stripped in the back, and polka dotted in the front.  I had on these fish earrings that hung to my shoulders. I am almost sure that I had a scrunchy in my hair also.   

I am so sure people probably thought I was weird.  Because ya know I am.  :)

Just a general question here.  How many pairs of keds did you have back in the day.  Robin and I went through probably about 50 pairs.


For more embarrassing, enlightening, cute, and just plain funny pictures go visit Kristen over at We are THAT Family.


Rhea said...

LOVE all the old outfits. You have some rockin' stylin' babe. Too funny. I especially loved how you zoomed around in the scooter and drove forward and backwards in front of your house (what was up with that?!!) lol

P.S. He loves you... said...

Hey you raided my sister closet?!
And all this time she's been upset with me for wearing her clothes!

LOL..great pix! Love the side ponytails!


Carrie said...

i loved keds they were the greatest and then came tretorns

jennifer said...

Ok. You know I'VE got a lot to say!! (you don't mind do you?)

We called Keds "buddies". Every one wore buddies!

I HAD those exact same jeans (in a larger size I'm sure) AND the jacket to match. It was my FAVORITE outfit. I also paired my jeans and jacket with a gold colored top from Express, much the same color as you were wearing in the pic.

ALSO, I had the knit outfit too. Mine was cornflower blue and it was from Units. Had the banded belt and everything. LOVED my outfit even though it wasn't, you know, all that flattering.

Hmmmm...future post?

You were just a doll. We could have totally hung out at the mall together and caught a Tiffany concert.

Take care my Friend!


marky said...

aww a true product of the 80's! I had quite a few pair of those fish earings myself! I am also noticing the very nice red typwriter on the desk!
Love the photos!

Bethany said...

I'm thinking I only had about, oh, 10-15 pairs of Keds! I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with your style, except, it had to be the 80's! And you just look like a kid in the 80's...which all by itself is weird.

And I say that as some of those fashions seem to be creeping back into our lives. Did you know I've recently worn Keds and Sam and Libby's? Oh, the 80's!

We are THAT Family said...

You were so cool! I was probably totally jealous of you! A Scooter? Wow, I'm still jealous. I'll trade you that for an Atari!

And the black and white outfit? Da bomb.

Thanks for joining in the fun! Good luck on the Atari!

The Fritz Facts said...

I had the zippered/pinned/rolled jeans too! I also had the tie dye matching outfit, only mine had puffy paint on it! Talk about an outfit!

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

I loved my PINK Keds. Thanks for the flashback!

World's Greatest Mommy said...

Your outifts are so hilarious, and were seriously on the cutting edge of style back when. I had a pair of keds, and a pair of kids (knock-off that fell apart if you actually walked in them). I also had a tie-dyed outfit very similar to yours. I thought it was the coolest. I had totally forgotten about jeans with zippers on the legs.

Tipper said...

I had a pair of jeans like that too! What ever happened to Keds? I had to many pairs to count. Haven't thought about the pants or the Keds in years thanks for the reminder.

Tammy said...

Yep, a lot of ked's here too. Well, not really the name brand, 'cause we was always "broke" with 4 kids.

Ooooohhhhh, I am SO jealous of the moped. I so wanted one of those. My dad said, "NO".

Gotta GROW with it said...

ahh big bangs...they go with everything! and the pegging your pants...priceless. thank goodness we grow out of those years! or do we? it's hard to keep up on trends.

Birdie said...

oh m'gosh! I totally loved it! We could have been twins in these clothes. You look pretty fierce!! *rawr*

Domestic Spaz said...

I had, like, a billion pair of Keds! In assorted colors, too! I had red ones and black ones and white ones. I sometimes wore one red and one black with a red and black alternating sock on each foot.

We also took our laces out of our Keds.

But none of my friends had actual KEDS brand Keds... they were all knock offs.

Razor Family Farms said...

You mean... gasp.... Keds aren't still in style??

This is news.

Big news!

Just a word to the wise: there will be more changes to the site in a few days and then it will have a groovy new layout and be very easy to navigate. Yippee!

I sure have missed my blogging friends and I've missed blogging!!


It All Started With a Kiss said...

Oh, these are beautiful. I forgot about the zipper ankle jeans! I had some too.
You were definitely too cool for words.

TJ said...

Love it! We had the same pants(complete with bows and zippers)! I had the acid wash, a red pair, and black.

Keds... Wow, how did I forget how cool Keds were? Even more, if you couldn't afford Keds, you bought the knock-offs and colored the back tag blue with a marker, so that most people didn't know they weren't real.

Family O'Foxes said...

wow, you were so stylish!!! :)

franticallysimple said...

You were too cool for school, my friend.
(BTW we had Kaboom on out Atari too. :))

Janel said...

Oh. My. I had that outfit in Pink!!!!!

You look like the fashionista of the 80's for sure, girl.

Love it!

Kristen M. said...

The tie dye is classy!

Neurotically Yours: said...

I had those jeans, too! And oh, how I loved to tight roll :)

I can not even begin to count how many pairs of Keds I went through....

P.S. love the tie-dyed outfit - rofl

life & love in rose cottage said...

I had those jeans! And my best friend had that Spree! What a flashback!

insane mama said...

Anything with a long tee shirt was good, just stick a belt on it and it was all good... and you had a tie died one to boot!
Loving the jeans with the zipper
Good stuff

Kimmie said...

I had the same jeans with the bows and zippers too! And get this...I still till this day wear Keds! I just have to...they are part of me. Penny's carries them and also alot of the sporting good stores. I have only ever worn white though. I guess I am still stuck in the 80's, and my hair is still big! Ha!

Your tie die outfit is awesome!;-)

Love this post!

Muthering Heights said...

I was little during the keds phase, but I think I had about five pair!

Heather said...

Oh, I remember the tight rolled jeans and Keds! War Eagle :D

Mrs. N. said...

LOL LOved those pictures.

Rozella said...

Hi there, was just passing by. Those are such cute pictures! :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

Yep, had about 50 pairs of keds too! cannas, leather, tie, slip ons, all of them!!
AND I HAD THAT SAME TIE DYE OUTFIT!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!