Monday, June 30, 2008


Last night was our 2nd annual Freedom Celebration in our hometown. It was a wonderful night with great weather and lots of people, fun, and food.




There are local acts that perform, and normally a big Christian Band is there. This year "NewSong" Performed. They did a great job.



I just thought this was a really cool picture so I am showing it to you. :)


Then we had this awesomely big firework show! The fireworks were so big that we had to sit behind a "fallout zone".




Notice that last one has a smiley face. :)

Remember that "fallout zone" I mentioned a minute ago. Well apparently it was not big enough. While we are watching the fireworks, I felt something hit my leg. I thought a friend of mine that was sitting behind me, was trying to get my attention. Well she wasn't so I looked around, because something or someone hit my leg. I look down and see something, so I pick it up and it is the remains of a firework, about as big as my hand. Then we are continuing to watch when all the sudden one of the fireworks does not go out before hitting the ground. It was a scary scary thing to see. It sort of looked like this.


I did not get a picture of it coming down, because I was in shock for a moment. When it all landed I did get a picture of this.


That would be fire, in the middle of a lot of people, in the grass.

The fireworks continued with one more scary moment right after that in front of us. This resulted in a freaked out Little Logan.

They finished up with some spectacular fireworks.



As we were packing up to leave after all the excitement was over, out of nowhere here comes another piece of red hot firework. Can you guess where it landed?

On Logan's head!!! Now he was really freaked out. It did not burn him, but I think he might be a little leary of another firework show after this.

It was still a pretty good evening despite the few firework mishaps. God was certainly there protecting us all as we celebrated the freedom that we enjoy in this country and as we honored those who serve and have served to allow us to keep that freedom.



Kendrawolf said...

Awesome pictures! Sounds like you guys had fun!

Rhea said...

Poor Logan! Fireworks on the head is scary and probably not the best fashion statement for a hairdo either. Looked like an awesome show though, love all the pictures!

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Thanks!! Come see!!

April said...

It kinda freaked me out too, especially after the air show catastrophe.

Heather said...

I love fireworks and funnel cake!! How fun that looks - minus the scary incident with the fire.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Hey that justs freaks me out!

Not to mention now you won't be having to tell him that it's dangerous!

Nice shots btw!

I was blog hopping earlier and another one posted simiular pix from the same place...wondered if you knew that blogger? I'll see if I can find it again..

Kelsey said...

Wonderful photos!

CrystalChick said...

Wow, what a night. I've never really LOVED fireworks... they are okay, but the big booms make me a little uneasy. And one year an accident at a local show when one went off into the crowd wasn't fun either. Glad none of your were seriously hurt! And still managed to have a fun time at your Freedom Celebration! Always good to celebrate that!
Good pictures.

The Southern Mom said...

Nice pictures...loved the one of the funnel cake!

All that drama would have freaked me out too, especially after the air show accident.

Be safe and have fun during the holiday!

mah-meeee said...

oh wow... and you guys already have a fallout zone!

yikes, i'm with logan... i'd be weary to see another fireworks show too if something landed on my head like that!

Dawn said...

I love, love, love this type of celebration and the 4th of July. I love fireworks, too. Sorry it scared your little guy. Get him back to another show soon.

Tell me how you got such great shots of the fireworks. Lenses? Settings? I'm planning to take my new camera with me to the show here this coming weekend.


Carrie said...

fun, fun I love fireworks!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

AHHHHHHH.. you went to Flint River? I was thinkin "where the heck is SHE? I didnt know anything about any festival!" Yall gotta fill me in on this local stuff. I'm oblivious to it.

jennifer said...

You had me at powder sugar coated funnel cakes. MMMMMMMMMM!

Poor LL! Bless his little scared to death heart. I would have freaked out after seeing the fire.

Have you ever heard the bit that Rick and Bubba do about doing a home fireworks show? This post made me think of that.

I am not going to leave a comment on the dentist post. I'm askeered of him.