Tuesday, April 15, 2008

100 100 100 100 !!!!!

***Imagine for a minute the sounds of trumpets, drumlines, cheering, and fireworks going off.***

Got that in your head, ok good.

Woo Hoo this is my 100th post.

100th blog post on the net, 100th blog post right here, look it up and pass it around 100th blog post on the net. Woo Hoo!

So in honor of my 100th post, I have a few questions to answer and then we will be doing something very very special. :)

(and no, I am not giving away anything. If I did that you might never get it from me and then I would have guilt to deal with and I have enough going on in my life than to deal with guilt)

Dawn wanted to know:

If you had a day of absolutely no demands or responsibilities, what would you do?

Oh this one is easy. I would sit at the beach with my lounge chair at the waters edge and only move to turn over to get sun on my back. Well and get up to go to the bathroom.

Do I like Coffee?

I am so sorry, but I do not like coffee. I have tried, I really have. To drink coffee I would have to put way too much sugar in it and it makes me feel guilty to drink a lot of sugar. Now eating sugar is totally different. I also don’t like the way coffee stains my teeth, and I went to the dentist and spent way too much money having them whitened so I don’t want to mess that up.

I do however love herbal tea. :)

Crazy in Alabama would like to know:

I would like to know if you are ever in a bad mood. In all the years that I have known you and as much as we see each other, I cannot recall one instance where you got upset or bent out of shape even.

(I think my sister would like to answer that one)

Hey y'all! This is Lisa, Valarie's sister. So you want to know if Valarie ever gets in a bad mood? I hate to break it to ya, but yeah. Yes, she does. I will admit that it doesn't happen often though. Lets look at a few examples shall we?

When we were little, she was a WILD CAT! It was put upon me to babysit Valarie and our little sister Robin during the summer while mama and daddy were at work. It never failed that Valarie would get mad at me for some reason or another. She would go to mama and daddy's room, SLAM the door, lock it, and call mama long distance to tell on me and sob that nobody loved her. Guess who would get in trouble? Me. When I would manage to keep her from slamming the door, we would wind up in a cat fight (of course I was just defending myself you know) and she would dig her fingernails into me with all of her might. I still have scars from it. They are mainly on my wrists. Wanna see? Oh....and when that happened, guess who would get in trouble? Me. Why? Because supposedly I was old enough to keep it from happening. Did mama and daddy not know who I was dealing with or what?

When Valarie gets up in the morning, she's what we lovingly refer to as an ill pill. If you say anything AT ALL to her, she'll give you that "I'm could kill you with my pinky finger" look. Now of course, being her sister, that look was a challenge for me and I would continue to egg her on until the scenario above would take place. Actually, I can't say I've been around her in the mornings now that she lives in her own house and I live in mine. I'm sure if we were to ask Logan, he'd confirm it. Note: I just tried to call Logan and he didn't answer. Now I have a complex. Note to the Note: I just tried again from a different phone number and he still didn't answer. I may need therapy to get over it.

I can only think of one other thing that causes her to lose it. She doesn't actually get in a bad mood, she cries. And that is worse than a bad mood. She's told you that she's late all the time right? Well, when we have a dinner at our daddy's house, she's late 99.8% of the time. Everyone is walking around clutching their stomach and moaning about how hungry they are and wanting to know when Valarie will get there. Here's where the crying jag comes in. We have been known to call Valarie and ask here where she's at and what time she estimates her arrival to be. At this point, she's still happy and will rattle off some story like, "I'm just pulling out of my driveway. I'll be there in just a minute." We have learned that when she says she's pulling out of her driveway, that she's actually still digging through the dirty clothes pile looking for something decent to wear, still preparing the dish she is supposed to bring, and waiting for her toenails to dry with that just right shade pompei purple nailpolish. So after 30 or so minutes go by, we call her again to tell her that someone has passed out from hunger and ask where she's at. At this point, she cops a bit of an attitude and again tells us that she is just pulling out of her driveway. Ummm yeah. Loooonnng driveway Val. When we let her know that we are on to her, thats when it happens. They flood gates break loose. She gets upset. She cries. We feel bad. I mean afterall, she does the best she can. Right? Right. Did you reeeallly want to know all of that? Maybe I've shared too much. Naaah. Oh by the way, my husband Shane now eats a sandwich before we go to the dinner at daddy's. Its peanut butter, but he doesn't call it that. He calls it a "Valarie Sandwich."

Oh. One more incident. She wasn't happy when she was in labor with Jessie and I started telling her that I had a strange urge to tickle her feet. Nope. She wasn't happy at all. Go figure.

She asked that I not be too ugly. Was I? I hope not. She's a cool sister. Of course all of my sisters are cool. I'm lucky that way.

Update: I just tried calling Logan again. No answer. I just thought you'd like to know. :)

Also, I called Robin and here is her answer to the question: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! She puts on for everybody else and then lets us have it. But I love her anyway. (She said the last part so Valarie wouldn't get mad.)


Well thank you Lisa and Robin for that enlightenment into my mood. I also only cried one time and thats because they were being mean to me and told me to be at Daddy's 30 minutes earlier than they told everybody else. I probably had just dealt with getting three screaming kids ready, running to church and then coming home to make my food. It was also probably, ya know that time. ;)

Lisa talking here: Update....I just spoke with Logan. He says that Valarie is in a bad mood 98.9% of the time (isn't it funny how we all use percentages with Val). He says that the only time she's not ill is when she's asleep. Ouch. I think he's exaggerating don't you?

See Valarie's note above. She's beginning to cop an attitude don't you think?

We Are That Family asked:

Can the house be moved that my husband built?

Nope unfortunately it can’t, but for the right price I could send him that way to build one for you. Or if you wanted the plans I could probably let you borrow them.

Jennifer wants to know:

Have you always been an Auburn fan?

I have been a Tennessee Volunteers fan all my life. I married an Auburn fan and just sort of took that on also. Now if Auburn is playing Tennessee I have to go hide in a corner, because I don’t know who to cheer for. Both fill me with a sense of pride. Also both really detest Alabama football. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my friends who have an obsession with Alabama football, and if they were playing someone out of the SEC I might tolerate watching them. But give me Toomers Corner and Rocky Top any day. My blood runs orange both ways.

How much do you weigh?

A lot more than you think

The reason for your blog title?

My daddy would always call me Valarie Lea from Tennessee, then I defected and moved to Alabama about 16 years ago.

When will you start feeding Syd something besides PopTarts?

Syd has upgraded from Pop-Tarts to Toaster Strudels

What has been the most surprising thing about blogging for you?

That I would find so many friends that I have not met. Its really sort of weird, there have been many times when things will happen, and I will think in my head “Oh I need to call so and so and tell them this” or “I wonder what so and so would say about that”. Then I realize that y’all are in blogger world and I just can’t call you up to chat.

Do you know that Jen loves ya Honey and is so glad that you are blogging?

Yes, I do and I hope to get to meet you someday. But I’m not stalking you or anything though

Kimmie was wondering:

What you were thinking of in the picture you posted a few weeks ago.

Well I was actually thinking of other ways to pose my nephew Kyle for his pictures. I was also thinking is there anywhere else we could go to take pictures besides at this park. Everybody and their dog takes pictures at that park.

Last but not least Sister Honey Bunch wants to know:

I'd like to know what a typical "day in the life" of Valarie looks like. With pictures

This one was really fun, and unfortunately way to long to add to this post.

So tune in tomorrow for "A Day in the Life of Valarie"

Just a hint it involves kids, dogs, and storms.

Any other questions y'all come up with just let me know.



Dawn said...

Congratulations on 100!!!

Thanks for answering my questions. I'll forgive you for not liking coffee since I like herbal tea, too, and especially since you love nothing better than to sit on the beach which is my favorite place in the world.

Did you know that God hears you better when your behind is sitting on sand? Yep! I've had proof of it. (Wait... maybe it's just that I hear His response better when I'm there?) Either way, it's my favorite display of His creation!

Blessings, my new blog friend!

Rhea said...

100, yay!!! Loved the Q&A session. Hilarious comments from your sister.

Rhea said...

I have an award for you on my site! Come and get it!

Mike Golch said...

CONGRATS ON MAKEING YOUR 100TH POSTING.I did the same a couple weeks ago.

Vader's Mom said...

I love you! Have I told you that lately?

Congrats on your 100th post and it was fun to learn more about you!!

jennifer said...

Congratulations!!! 100 hundred is a great milestone. It represents 100 chapters of your life.

I am telling you now, take some time, paper and printer ink, and print it out, with the comments. I have started printing mine and I waited so long, it has been a booger bear. But the time and effort and thought that goes into this should be saved in a hardcopy. Something that your kids will have. Just a suggestion.

Glad that you know I love Valarie Lea from Tennessee, even if she detests Bama football. I swear I gasped at you being a Vols fan. you got to be pretty special for me to accept that double whammy!

And yes, I think at some point we will sit face to face and talk our fool heads off. No stalking involved!

I'll miss reading you the next few days but I will be by to catch up QUICK!


Hope said...

Hi Valarie,
Congatulations on your 100th post. I really enjoyed reading all the Q & A's and I got a big kick out of your sister's comments. My older sister and I fought like cats and dogs growing up. She was bigger and always got the best of me and made me cry. I think it bothers her now that she can't make me cry anymore!! :O)
Wonderful, witty post!!


Kimmie said...

Hi Valerie!
This Q&A was so fun! I got to know...ALOT...about you (winks to sister Lisa) ;-) tee hee!

Congratulations on your 100th post! I haven't gotten that far yet, but I think I may be getting close.

I am always late also! My dad told me from a youngin' that if I moved any slower I would be in reverse. hahahaha! I think your BIL is a hoot...A Valerie Sandwich. Too cute!

Just want to let you know I had to move my "Wordless Wednesday" and lost your comment on my pic. (Kimmie has a sad face) :-( I only had you and Tisha so far so I didn't lose alot of posts thank goodness. If you want to leave another comment you are welcome to come back and post one. Thank You for the first one sweetie.
Have a lovely day my dear friend.

ValleyGirl said...

Good to get to know you a little better! Happy 100!!!

buckatwos@gmail.com said...

YEAH!!!!! Your 100th post, Congratulations. I have enjoyed them all and am looking forward to the next 100.

O.K. Lisa makes me want to have a sister, how fun are you guys!

The Park Wife

Crazy in Alabama said...

I have to say that what your sister Lisa said about you calling your mom when she was watching you ("nobody loves me") sounds a little like Syd!!!!! Anyway, you can tell them that 100% of the time I see you, you are in a cheery mood!
PS I tagged you if you want to play!

We are THAT Family said...

Congrats! on 100. It's a BIG deal. And, I still want that house.

The Southern Mom said...

Woohoo...Congrats on the 100th. So great getting to know you!

gabriel said...

Hey: I though Valarie's adolescence was off-limits... that's ripe ground for "sharing stories." Like the 2 or 3 or 5 year period where everything was Robin's fault.

...but she's much better now....

Momo Fali said...

Yay you! Congrats!

Maybe that morning "ill pill" would go away with a cup of COFFEE!!

"J" said...

I came over from Vader's Mom's page! =)

WAY TO GO on the 100 post!!!!
I'm right behind you! Almost there!