Thursday, April 17, 2008


Golly this was a difficult thing to post, I have like a gazillion pictures.
100 Post Questions Part 2

Sister Honey Bunch wanted to see what a typical day is like in my world. I thought this was a very interesting proposition so I went for it. Now its not completely accurate, I was so busy in the morning getting the kids together for school that I forgot to take pictures. Not to mention the disaster area that is my house right now.

So lets get started shall we.

First I get in the car.

This is my driving buddy for that morning. He was going to get his hair done.

This is my driveway.

This is my road

So I drop Cannon off at the groomer and then go to work.

This is my office. I know its a mess, I am working on it. Lots of stuff, not a lot of room.

This is me at work

This is my friend Jessica, shes a little shy. We eat lunch in my office pretty much everyday and watch Days of our Lives.

See this sign, its my reminder to stay away from........

This. The Candy Drawer

Yes we have a whole drawer full of candy. Its a little low at the moment. We have an office full of women and its very stressful here sometimes. Chocolate is a necessity.

So while we are eating lunch our local weather man comes on and tells us that we have some storms coming our way.

It is getting pretty cloudy out there.

I get a little concerned that Cannon is at the groomer, so a call and they tell me he will be ready in just a little bit. By the time he is ready the red blob that was coming at us is almost on us. Then I hear it the sirens. So during a tornado warning I go and get the little booger.

He cleans up real nice though.

After we get back the bottom falls out.

During the whole tornado warning my friend Donna calls to see if I want her to take Syd with her since she is picking up her son, and the tornado is heading straight for the school. So I tell her Yes please take her to seek shelter. Of course they can't leave until this tornado warning has passed, but apparently there is another big red blob coming our way.

After the storms went through, I left work and went and picked Syd up over there. Donna has some lovely tulips blooming.

Here we are on our way home. Syd is not shy, she is just being difficult.

Jessie then calls me and ask if I can pick something up for her and drop it off at her work.

Finally we get home. Maybe I can get some stuff done.

Syd comes and asks if she can go to her friends house. I say sure I have nothing else to do. So I step over all the laundry that is piled up and walk past the dishes that need to be washed and take her to her friends house. At this point it is .....

Here we are leaving

Here are Syd and her friends. They had big plans, they conned my friend Sonya into buying pizza and letting some boys come over to watch a movie.

So guess what? Since she is not spending the night, I get to pick her up. So now it is......

After all the good byes and stuff we get home about 11:15. Here is Syd getting out of the car once we are home.

Now maybe I can go to bed.
We are supposed to get up early the next morning to go to a ballgame.
So there you have it. This is just an example of one of my days. This actually was a pretty calm day compared to others. If it had not been for the tornados, I would have had two different ballgames at two different parks with two different kids. So yeah this was a pretty light day.

Well thanks for making it through my day with me. I might have to try this again sometime.



Mike Golch said...

great photos.if you think you office is messy you should see my home office/front bedroom storage area.Fibber McGhee(old radio show) would be proud.
Oh by the way your friend lorie stopped by to say Hi to me.

CrystalChick said...

This was really neat... might have to try it sometime. :)
What is a day without chocolate?? OH I shudder at the thought. hehe
Have a happy day!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Yea! I'm so glad you did it! I loved seeing your day. Thanks!

The Southern Mom said...'s Brad Travis on TV! Bad storms here lately, huh?

Well, I sympathize with you. I know that kind of spend most of it in the car! But...I'm telling you what I'm sure hundreds of others before me have...Enjoy it, make the most of these days...'cause it won't last forever (even though it seems like it will!) The kids will be gone and the only time the car moves is to take the dog to the groomer!

Dawn said...

You and I have similar days. I call my vehical my mobile office 'cause I spend so much time in it. The hubby will call and ask where I am to which I'll answer, "Where else? In the mobile office!"

Thanks for the pictures to go along with the narrative. It looks like it is beautiful where you live! (Except for the tornadoes.)

I'm off to get the dusting party started. You are coming, right? ;-)

We are THAT Family said...

I love your whole day in pictures. Great post!

Sister Sassy said...

I love documenting a whole day.

boy..that IS a lot of candy. because I'm sick and therefore not running I am cutting out all sweets until I feel ok to run...or, that was totally off topic.

Anonymous said...

I need to work on straightening my hair in the back a little better(dent head!). Your doing so good, I enjoy reading your blog!
Your shy friend,

Rhea said...

How fun to see your day! Your dog cracked me up...what a different a little hairclippers can make. lol

Ick about the tornados. We have those scary sirens too. They're helpful but also panic-inspiring.

Cute kids, nice to see your office! I can lots of pluses (and some minuses) to working in an office full of women. Love the sugar poster and the candy drawer. lol Great post!

Lisa said...

Poor Logan and Logan. They didn't get to see you all day. :)

Your smart aleck sister

Vader's Mom said...

I'm tired just reading that.

I'm also tired of the stormy weather we've been having here too... It's supposed to be bad here again tonight. Hope you guys don't get this batch of storms.

Lisa said...

I've been wondering....has Brad done something to his hair? Like add some? Have you noticed or is it just me?


Jungles Wife said...

Love all the photos, especially the one of your driveway.

I do have a question though: Why do you have an "avoid the sugar" sign AND a candy drawer. Do you have the sign BECAUSE you have the candy drawer? Just asking ;-)

Valarie said...

Yes the sugar drawer is in another office and when I get a craving for some, I just look at my sign. It doesn't always work though. :)

fullheartandhands mama said...

I enjoyed reading that. Thanks for sharing.

jennifer said...

Oh my. No wonder Valarie stays so little - mean signs over the candy and plenty of running around keep a gal looking good.

BOYS? There were boys at the friends house? REAL LIVE BOYS? Shhh - don't tell my kiddo. I don't want her to get any ideas.'


Razor Famil Farms said...

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