Monday, April 21, 2008


It has been a busy week people, busy busy week.

Lets see yall all know about my softball adventures. (If you don't just go read a few post back)

Then my sister challanged me. (One post back) I am so up for this challange I tell you, ready is not the word.

I won a contest!!!!!! Yeah Me!!!! Little Mrs. Sassy gave away a CD with her favorite workout music on it, and since I am about to start a new exercise program this could not have happened at a better time.

I also received several awards. :)

I got this one from my new friend Rhea ( pronounced like playuh). She is to funny! She is from the big ole state of Texas, but you know she doesn't really sound like she is from Texas. She can tell some good jokes though, and I have a sneaky suspicion that she can tell some tall Texas Tales. So from my new friend Rhea, the "Good Chat Award"!

And the award goes to (drumroll please....)

Jennifer, the Dust Bunny Hostage


The Park Wife

Please accept this from me because yall are a some good chatterererers, oh you know what I mean.

Then my friend Mike over at Rambling Stuff, gave me this lovely bouquet of flowers. I love fresh cut flowers and this little award will let me look at them all the time. Thank You Mike!! He likes to put some really cute videos on his blog. I loved the one with the Engineers and the cats. Gabe if your reading this go look at it. :)

This one I would like to give to my wonderful friends Lorie and April. Not only are y'all great blog friends, but you are just some of my really great friends. I love y'all!!!

I have two other people I would like to give this to.

My friend Valarie. ( No I am not giving it to myself )

She lives in Mexico, and I really feel like God brought us together. I happened to see her name over at The Pioneer Woman and I was gonna leave her a comment about spelling our name the same, but she beat me to it. She is a really cool person and has two really cute kids and one more on the way. I have really loved getting to know her!

Then my other new friend Dawn, she's a princess ya know. :) She is also going through some major changes in her house and the poor thing was knee deep in dust. Jennifer's bunnies went for a visit and felt right at home.

Over at Scenes from the Crooked Maple gave me an award for being nice. Awww thanks!!! Y'all don't listen to Lisa, Robin, or Logan anyone different out there. I am nice I tell you, really really nice!!! I try to share everything with yall and try to play nice also. So see I am nice, really I am. :)

This special award goes to my friend Kimmie. She is one of the nicest people I have come across, she is so concerned for others, even if she is going through a rough time herself. Now everytime I see one of those cute little kittens, I think of you! (Kimmie knows which one I'm talking about)

We are that Family gave out an award, just because we made her day!!! She has been at this for about 6 months, and I am telling you she is something else. Why I remember the first post I read of hers like it was just the other day. Oh wait it was the other day. :) Her toddler had gotten in to the super glue, and well lets just say things got a little sticky over her way. She's gonna be big I tell you big.

I want you all to take this award. If you have left me a comment before, please accept this award. If you have been reading and would like to delurk from behind that screen, leave a comment and then please accept this award. Because comments make my day. :)

I also have a meme to do, but I think I will save that for tomorrow. So until then, Later Tater. :)



Vader's Mom said...

I agree. You are nice. And I'm related to you so I didn't have to say it if I didn't mean it! :)

Love ya!!

Lorie said...

Thank you for my award -it's my second one from you and I never did anything with the first one=do you post them and pass them on?
You are one of my dearest friends also- you know one of my favorites....

Jungles Wife said...

Congratulations on your awards and on the CD you won! I need to figure out a new workout plan myself. Lifetime channel replaced the early morning workout I used to do every day...well almost everyday. I liked that it created an appointment time for me. A DVD that I can do any old time, doesn't seem to get done.

jennifer said...

thank you


jennifer said...

YEAH RIGHT! Like that is all I'm gonna say!

Thank you Valarie Darlin' for honoring the chatty Kathy in me. I love chatting with you like I love sweets. That's HIGH PRAISE!

Went over and checked out THAT Family - very cool blog. In the words of the Governator "I'll Be BAAACK!" Will visit again for sure!

Have a lovely evening.


HEY, you asked me a question on my blog today about using something (*wail* I don't remember).

What's mine is yours. Help yourself as long as it's not my chocolate or my man!

Love ya Honey!

Dawn said...

Hey, Valarie!

Thanks for the award - it's my very first one!!!

I love blogging. It's so fun to be able to sit at our computer and find friends (and other Princesses, too!) all over this world. Very cool.

Dust is almost gone. Pictures tomorrow, for sure! (Yes, I know I've been promising them since last Friday but I keep finding more dust!)


Mike Golch said...

I like the awards that you passed out and a thanks for the plug.I just added a couple of new videos and I think you will get a kick out of the,one is a real hoot.

Nadine said...

Congratulations on all your awards. How lovely some of them are. You are well loved in blogland.

Sister Sassy said...

YOu got lots of stuff! But you still need to send my your address so I can get you your CD. :)
Congrats btw!

Kimmie said...

Valerie you are such a dear. I am honored to accept this award from you, and will post it proudly. Thank You for the kind things you posted. I am truly touched. You my friend are also one of the niecest people I have met in this place called blogosphere! :-)
Love Ya',

Valarie said...

Thank you for my award! I really appreciate it.

I know that this is a very long ways off. But my hubby & I were talking about our trip back to the States for the holidays. Maybe on our way there or back, we can stop in to your neck of the woods and have lunch or something. Like I said, I a long way off, but it would be fun! said...

I would like to thank the Academy of Valarie for this prestigeous award, yes, I am quiet chatty!!!! hehehe.

Thank you sweet friend for the award and for always being there right along with me. You are awesome!

The Park Wife

We are THAT Family said...

Oh, you are just too sweet. Look at all them awards you got! Clean off the trophy shelf-you're gonna need the room.

That was some pretty great stuff you wrote about me and I'm just blushing. And that comment about me getting big-it was like you were here in my kitchen, watching me drink my SWEET TEA. 'Cause it will be the death of all things size 6! I'm just saying.

All that sweet stuff-right back 'atcha!

Birdie said...

"Y'all don't listen to Lisa, Robin, or Logan anyone different out there. I am nice I tell you, really really nice!!!"
*L* funny!
Congrats on all your blog love!

gabriel said...

Yes, I'm reading. Thanks for the cat link... that was pretty good. :-)

I wubb uu!!

jennifer said...

HEY! Don't give my award away. I'm coming to get it soon!


Crazy in Alabama said...

Hey Valarie,

Thanks for the award. That is my second one from really make me feel special. You are one of my favorite people. You are sweet and funny and you are always there for the Hall's.

Love ya,