Sunday, April 13, 2008


I got two awards the other day from my friend Kimmie. She is so sweet always very attentive and loving towards everyone. Its been a joy talking to her and getting to know her. So Thank You very much.

The first one is the Circle of Friends. I have really enjoyed getting to know all my new bloggy friends. This has been quite an experience., and I am looking forward to getting to know you all more.

The second is a Special Friend Award. I again consider you all my new special friends. I never thought I would have so many new friends, that I have not even met. :)

I want to continue the awards and give both of these to all of you out there. Its there for the taking. I do however have two special new bloggers to give this to. My friends April and Lorie. They are new bloggers and some really good friends of mine.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Y'all get some rest you deserve it. :)



Kimmie said...

Hi Valerie!
I am so happy you like your AWARDS. :-) You are such a nice person and I am so happy I have met you here in bloggerland.

jennifer said...

Congratulations! You are going to have to buy a trophy case to put all your awards in! :^D

I hope that your weekend has been nice. Be blessed my friend!


jennifer said...

OH! And I heard a chant a moment ago....saw some lighters too. "We want Syd! We want Syd! We want Syd!"

And I know I heard someone cry out from the crowd as well "Pop Tarts Later! Poetry NOW!"

Happy Sunday Y'all!

Jen Again.

jennifer said...

Come over and tell me your name!


Rhea said...

Aww! So sweet.

Mommy Lion said...

Congrats on the awards!

Mike Golch said...

Valarie,nice awards,I'd like to offer you one as come on down and is the one that has a bunch of flowers.It was given to me and I want to share it with you.I hope that you are haveing a great day!

Crazy in Alabama said...

Thanks Val! That is very sweet. I am going to do the name game too...yours were hilarious...especially your stripper name.