Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well I was wondering what I would blog about next, and low and behold if Mike from work didn't give me something to blog about!

When I got to work he asked if I had my camera with me. Hello, When do I not have my camera!

Well some of the Tennessee Titans were coming to Shoe Carnival on the Titans Caravan. Why Shoe Carnival? I mean that would not have been the first place I would have chosen to do autographs at, but whatever floats your boat. Anyway he wanted me to take some pictures. I think he was thinking a couple of pictures, but 56 pictures later........ I know I have a problem. If I had photoshop, I would never get anything done. Not that I can get much done know.

Now some background on Mike. He is a HUGE football fan!! And yes Jennifer he likes Alabama! Its a flaw he has. Aww Just Kidding!! (WAR EAGLE, I just had to say that) (He just told me Nick Saban will be here next month. I just don't think I can put my camera through that torture.)

So we go to Shoe Carnival and wait in line.....

While we are waiting I could not help but notice these cute shoes!!!!

Oh wait this is not about me. On to what I was there for......

First in comes T-Rac.

He was hamming it up for everybody. He even threw a shoe at somebody.

Then came

(Imagine an annoucers voice here)

# 86 WR Roydell Williams

Next #19 WR Justin McCareins

Ok side note on Mr. Justin here. Would you look at his muscles in his arms!!!!!! (Don't say that in an announcers voice)

And Finally #75 OG Benji Olsen

So he had his helmet to be signed, It now has I think 8 Titans signatures on it. He had pictures to be signed.

This is Justin McCareins signing a picture of himself on another NFL Team. ;)

When we got through we wondered if they would let him take a picture with them.

This is Mike asking the guy if he can and him telling Mike no he would have to go back in line.

This is Mike turning around and acting like he is taking his picture with Benji.

So we wait until the line goes down some more and then get his picture made with them all.

All and all it was pretty fun. I must have looked like I knew what I was doing, because the Titans people asked if I was with the Media. :)

And Jennifer for you I am adding some pictures Mike had made with Bart Starr the other day. Thought you might like them.

I only did this cause your one of my BBFF's. You better feel priviledged



Rhea said...

Sounds like fun! You're a good friend.

Mike Golch said...

I imangine that was a lotta fun.

Birdie said...

well that's pretty cool and I don't even like the Titans (although it IS the home of Graceland). Neat!

jennifer said...

*sniff* I.....*deep breath*....I am just.......*sniff*....SO tou....*sob*.... I am just SO touched......*deep breath*....that you would post pictures....for ME...*SNIFF*....of....THE 12 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM'S HELMET WITH BART STARR!! BOO-YAH Bay-Bee!

Girl, this post RAWKS. I mean, I just don't think that you have EVER looked so good (except for the previous post)! There's just something about muscular football player, a handsome co-worker, my name in print, along with the CRIMSON TIDE!! *doin' the boodie dance* Woo-ooh! Woo-ooh! Woo-ooh!

I really am *sniff/giggle* tetched!

Lovin' Ya Valarie!


elizabeth embracing life said...

Great pictures. I think you can sell some of those to sports magazines. What a terrific event.

mah-meeee said...

very few times does my hubby say "oh wow." and takes interest in what i am reading online. ;)

his exact words were, "oh cool" as he made me scroll down to see the pictures.
then he said, "ah right, he came from the jets."
then..."oh wow. he got a picture with bart starr."

me... have no clue who they are. :)

Anonymous said...

Could care less about all the football stuff (unless it had to do with Auburn!)but more importantly, those shoes are REALLY cute! I think I NEED them!

We are THAT Family said...

Yeah, my hubby will be clicking on here later today. I'm sure of it.

Valarie said...

Jessica, I was thinking of you when I found those shoes. :)

Dawn said...

The year we lived in Nashville, the Titans were a new team and "almost" went all the way. People in that town are plum crazy for those boys. Don't know much about football and watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and for the opportunity to host a party - ANYTHING to host a party!! Ha ha!

The Park Wife said...

Great pics, maybe you should be with the media!!!!

Looks like fun, The Park Wife

carrie said...

Well, I don't know anything about the Tennessee Titans, but a SHOE CARNIVAL? That sounds too good to be true! How fun! :)

ValleyGirl said...

Ooooo, what is it about football players that just drives me nuts?! (in a good way, of course. Well, a bad way if you're my hubby!! ;) Great pictures!

I'm planning on buying and learning photoshop for an upcoming business venture and I'm a little worried about not being able to get anything done after that, too!!

Kimmie said...

I think Football players movvvvvee me because they have so many muscles! Oh Yeah! ;-)

What a nice gesture you did for Jen! You are an angel.