Friday, April 25, 2008


I know we have talked about the shoes and sandals for spring, and we have mentioned the pedicures that should go with them. What I want to discuss today is doing the pedicure at home. I don’t know about y’all, but with three kids in ball I don’t have time to sleep let alone get a pedicure.

So lets get some things together shall we.

1st lets get a tub big enough to fit your feet in. ( I don’t know what size feet you have, so I can’t judge what type tub you need)

2nd get you some marbles enough to put in the bottom of the tub

3rd put in some hot water. Now don’t scald yourself, but get it pretty warm.

4th Add you some bath salts, or some bath oils to the water

5th Soak your tootsies

Now that your sitting and relaxing move your feet around on the marbles and give yourself a little foot massage. Ahhhh doesn’t that feel good!

Let’s take it a step further.

Let’s get a nice exfoliating body scrub and a pumice stone and get rid of those rough dry feet.

(Now you can have another tub of cooler water to the side to rinse your feet in)

Clip your toenails and push back your cuticles with an orange stick.

(I have a question. Why is it called an orange stick? )

Anyway then take some good smelling lotion and moisturize those tootsies.

If you do this at night, get a really deep moisturizer and then put some good socks on and go to bed.

Put your favorite polish on and now you are ready to wear those fabulous sandals and flip-flops.

Remember we want to look like this

Not this

Now go Fight the Frump with and make your feet happy!!

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Dawn said...

Why is it called an orange stick?

Because they used to be made primarily from orange wood. Nowdays, they are made of wood or plastic.

Little known fact about me... I used to own a boutique/nail salon before I married my Prince Charming!

Anonymous said...

Oh, help! I can't reach my feets! Any suggestions?

fullheartandhands mama said...

Ewww. That last picture scared me and looked way too much like the bottom of my feet. Uh-oh.

Valarie said...

Kelly, You deserve to go out there and have a pro do the job. Go relax and let them give you a pedicure.

Sarah said...

Do you know how glad I was to read your post just now? I have a special event tomorrow which means the rare go-get-a-manicure day and I totally forgot about it until this moment reading your post. You have saved me from the totally embarrassing cracked and unpainted nail syndrome! I'd give you a hug but I am already headed out the door!


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Wow. That's one sad foot.

What do you do for rough-looking elbows?

Darla said...

I just did this this last week (during our hour without power thingy we do to save the earth) and I have no idea why I did it so early - snow tonight 3-4" worth. *sigh*

Joy said...

Yikes on that last picture! And why is it called an orange stick- is it made of orange wood?

EMama said...

That last picture made me gasp out loud. Didn't know I was so sensitive to abused feet.

Valarie said...

Sarah - glad I could help :)

SHB - did you know the skin on your elbow is called a wenis? And maybe do one of those parafin wax treatment things. Hmm I will have to look into that.

Darla - Snow? You have got to be kidding.

Joy - yes Dawn told me they are made of orange wood.

Emama - aboused feet is a terrible, terrible thing :(

Domestic Spaz said...

I haven't been able to get a pedicure since October. :( I should be doing this for myself weekly. My feet look TERRIBLE and as a Floridian I wear flip flops ALL THE TIME! Thanks for the post!

mah-meeee said...

oooo sounds so nice! you make me want to go soak my feet too. i'll go do that this weekend!

ewww on the last pic. my hubby has once had really really bad heels - it reminded me of that.

great post!

Valarie said...

It is such a horror, fight & struggle to keep my feet pretty here, b/c we have no carpet and the floors get dirty pretty quickly, no matter how much you mop. Oh, my poor feet. I try....

Rhea said...

I am the worst at painting my own toenails. I don't know why. I can do it passably, but close inspection reveals my lack of painting within the lines.

I love a good pedicure. I always get a red or coral shade on my toes.

That last picture of feet totally grossed me out (hope they weren't yours!)

BTW, tag, you're IT!!

jennifer said...

Well Lah-dee-freakin'-dah, I sure can't wear my flipflops tonight NOW! Thanks Valarie.

Seriously though? I am going to wear them tonight ANYWAY but I am getting a pedicure next week. I have been CRAVING the massage chair!

Have a great weekend!


Mackenzies Momma said...

I was doing this nightly(the soaking and scrubbing) than we had the goat kids. Now? Not so much. Heck I barely have time to remember shoes some times.

Mónica...Cine Cuentos. said...

Hi, Valery. Very nice to meet you an your blog.

I'll come soon. And I hope you visit mine.

I from Uruguay. Ksss.

Kimmie said...

I Luvvvvvvvv getting pedicures. My kids always by me a gift certificate to the nail salon I go to. I love the massage chair also Jen!

Funny you should post this today Valerie. I spent the morning using my foot scrapper thingy my daughter bought me for my birthday for the time inbetween my pedicures. It is a nice one, from Sally's Beauty Supplies. It is so gentle and my skin feels so soft when I am done. If my feet ever looked like that last picture I'd go jump over Niagara Falls!!! Ick!

Thanks for sharing a "How To" pedicure at home. I may have to try it. Got to go get me some marbles! ;-)


HRH said...

Such a good idea since that last picture is of my feet...ugh.

ValleyGirl said...

Ugh. Did you sneak in here and take a shot of my feet?! These are great tips, Valarie. I actually have a foot spa, but never take the time to use it. I should really start ~ sandal season is still a few weeks away, but that's probably the perfect time!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny- We think alike- Go read my last post about feet!