Tuesday, April 22, 2008


hi there everbody it is sydney!!! well it has been a long long long time since i have been on! i have been busy with sports and all kinds of things lately. i havent had time to "hijack" moms blog. but i got bored so i decided to. wel i really have not looked at her blog lately so i have nothing to critisize. but i do have a few stuff to say.....::: SHE NEVER FEEDS ME! SHE DOESNT LOVE ME! SHE DOESNT PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!! :) :)

well i dont know exactly where i was in my poems..i believe it was couplets?? but i am not for sure.. wel i will give some couplets anyway. and if it is not right i will definitley move on to the next piece of buisness next time. but for all of you who do not know what i am talking about every time i "hijack"moms blog i give out some figurative language i made up for a project. i am saving my best poem for last. it is my first line last lines poem that was my best one it is AWESOME! but here are two couplets i made up..(all by myself) and for all of you that do not know what a couplet is....here is your answer. :) :)

Couplet::a two line stanza that rhymes.

and here are my couplets!

He sat on the bed
then he hit his head

There was a bird in the sky
it was flying high
well there we go. i am going to go now so see ya everybody and tune in next time..which will be next time i have time to get on!! !!
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The Southern Mom said...

Hi Sidney...glad you 'hijacked' your mom's blog! You're so funny...like my daughter - no capitals except when you're making a specific point about something! Good couplets - very cute!

jennifer said...

I wanted to read Syd
and this is what she did

she wrote some good poems
and to blogland she shows 'em

Hey Syd! I'm a poet and didn't know it. Wah wah wah waaaahhhhh!

Glad to hear from you chick! I've been Begging and Begging and Begging your Mom "PUUH-LEEEAASE let us have Syd" But you know how she is. Do you have to sneak Pop Tarts too?

Keep writing and sharing your poetry. I recommend that you write one on the BEAUTY of Alabama Football.

Love Ya Toots!


jennifer said...

Valarie Lea from Tennessee, Now in Alabama, Home of the Great Tide, I have an AWARD for you on my site. Prepare your exceptance speech before you come, short and sweet or I will cue the music with still standing on the stage in your little black dress and appropriate non frumpy shoes. And don't go all "Sally Fields" on me, that's my bit!

Love Ya Honey!


Lisa said...

Sydney's a girl
who is a real pearl.

She depends on her wit.
She doesn't follow a script.

She's a tall and lean
ball playing machine

I love her alot.
Thats all I got.

Love, Aunt Lisa

Razor Family Farms said...

I'm not much of a poet but I really enjoyed your post, Sydney!


Mike Golch said...

Hijacking or high jinks.one of the two.I hope you are haveing a good day SYD.