Saturday, April 5, 2008


Big Logan dabbles in building house in his spare time. He is a building inspector for both residential and commercial buildings during the day, and in the evenings and on weekends he is a contractor. So needless to say he is one busy guy. The other day after one of Jessie's ballgames, I had to take her and Tara back to the school to get thier car. We were in the area of the houses Logan was building so we stopped for a detour. Lets take a tour shall we.........

Here we are in the main living area

Built in book shelves, gas fire place

Now to the master bath

A sunken jacuzzi tub, two vanities his and hers.

Check out this shower, just look at all that room.

One major walk in closet with this awesome organizing system
(Have you every heard that saying a shoemakers children have no shoes? Well thats me but with closets. We have nothing like this at all.)

Now this is the hall powder bath. He put a faux finish on the walls, doesn't it look cool. Well actually he didn't he got someone else to do it. (again nothing like this in my house)

Upstairs Media Room. It's set up for one of those projector things.

Upstairs bonus room or rec room.

Now to the really good stuff the kitchen. Just look at this baby.

This is Jessie reaction from finding a built in ice maker.

Dining Room

Back Poarch

Well thats the tour. My hubby is quite talented in the home building area. I'm pretty darn proud of him.

This house is currently on the market, so if anybody is moving to the North Alabama area contact us. We might be able to help. :)

Soon I hope to show you what our poor house has been through over the last 14 years or so. Its been built, added on to, and then pretty much rebuilt again.



Vader's Mom said...

Oh look. He misses me!!! I see a big Texas star right over the fireplace.

I'm really proud of Logan. He's a great cousin and I love you all very much!!!!

gabriel said...

Great work, Logan!

I thought it was a Texas star, too. (We live in Texas as well.)

HRH said...

Very neat house. I love the tub and that closet is to die for.

Dawn said...

Hey, Valarie - gorgeous house!! Did you hang the Texas star over the fireplace just for me? Ha!

Seriously, we're getting ready to replace the flooring on the entire first floor of our house with hardwood. I love the variation of color in the floors of your hubby's house. I can't tell what kind of wood it is in the pictures. Can you please tell me - and even the brand and stain if possible?? Thanks!

Valarie said...

I was just wondering when you guys were going to put your house on the market to buy that one? Just kidding. That is one gorgeous house!

Rhea said...

Oh, nice! I wish I was moving to Alabama!! Very beautiful house! Your hubby done good. lol

jennifer said...

Hmmmm, is it big enough for me? I need a few more rooms to clean I think.

Who am I kidding?! That monster is a beauty! Huge and gorgeous!


Oh. and my fav was the dining room.

Southerner said...

I live in N Alabama!!! THIS is what I had to look at when we were looking foe a home. I don't know how all the people afford the homes around here - especially on one salary.

Southerner said...

Foe- I DO know it is for, just caint tipe.

You live very close to me. We are near rockets red glare, actually a town to the west that is a cupcake name... Dolly ?

Leigh said...

Its gorgeous!

~*Lisa*~ said...

Thank you for sharing this with me. My hubby came right over to look at it with me. Your husband does amazing work! Do you know where the light fixtures came from? ha ha The light issue has thrown me for a loop. Hubby asked if you had a picture of the front of the house? Thank you so much for sharing so glad I stumbled across your blog. Return soon. Blessings!