Sunday, April 20, 2008

A challenge for Valarie!

Hey y'all! This is Lisa, Valarie's sister. She should have never given me her password. haha!

You know how Valarie does those Frumpy Friday posts? Well. I'm throwing down a challenge for her right here and now. You see....Valarie is little and I'm not. I have a VERY hard time finding anything to fit me. I don't think she realizes how hard it is for us fluffy women to find cute clothes. Do any of you feel my pain on this? I mean I want to have an updated look, its just not that easy. Am I right? Oh yeah. She says she can find all these cute things cheap by visiting her best friend Clarence (clearance). Ummm huummm. We'll see.

Valarie Lea, you are hereby challenged to take me shopping with $100 (I'll provide) and help me find a comfortable, updated outfit (or two) that fits me. No high heels please.

We can journal our progress. Robin (another sister) says she wants to come along and take pictures. We'll show y'all before (yikes), during (bigger yikes), and after the shopping trip. Anybody else wanna come along? Of course this is all depending on whether or not Valarie takes me up on my challenge to her.

So Valarie. Whaddaya say?


This is Valarie here now :)

You are on!!!!!!! This will most definetly be fun, but there is one thing you cannot do. You cannot call me tweerp while we are shopping. Let me see when I am off from softball in the evenings this week and we are so gonna do this. If we can't do it at night we will do it Sunday after church. I am so excited!!!!!!! You better get ready!!!!:)


Vader's Mom said...


Rhea said...

I agree. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

This sounds like fun.

Razor Family Farms said...

Take me too. I've just built a house in Chubbytown and need a total wardrobe change!

Do post pictures of the finds!


jennifer said...


I agree whole heartedly. Lisa I'm a fluffy girl too and you are RIGHT. With the shape and styles of the clothes these days it is HARD to find something cute and flattering. I tell you what. Instead of shopping, I'll hold Valarie down, and you stuff her full of chocolate... What? Who said that? Not me, I'm not like that at all!

Good luck with your shopping trip. I suggest CATO. They have missy and plus sizes and their clothes are inexpensive and fairly fashionable. "Throw away clothes", I call them cause they go with the fads and they are cheap enough to get rid of next season.

Be blessed.


Lorie said...

I am Queen Fluff or Betty Big Girl and I find the cutest clothes at Stein MArt And I always get them on sale. You can also find cute finds for nearly nothing at Marshalls and Russ. Take me with you:o)

We are THAT Family said...

How fun and we want pictures-from the dressing room. Lots of them!

And, omg, no I've never had over 60-something comments, so my computer is having a heart attack. Something tells me people like board games-just a hunch!

PhotoChick said...

How did the shopping trip go? I'd love to see some photos of the outfit you got! And be sure to let us know where you got 'em!

Thanks so much for the comment on Liv's dedication. I'm glad she did a pretty good job. But it would have just been funny if she wouldn't have. I mean, what can ya do?! They're too little to get too frustrated at.

Much love & God Bless

The Southern Mom said...

Yeah, I'm beyond fluffy...but I do like clothes! Go to Avenue or Dress Barn, cute clothes, really good prices! Have fun and play nice!

Valarie said...

Did you ever watch the show with Elisabeth Hasselbeck where she took that challenge? I think her's, though, was to recreate a designer outfit, w/ accessories, for $100. I know that you can do it! I can't wait to hear about hte results!