Thursday, April 10, 2008


One day about a year ago, a long long time ago there was a little girl who was very hungry. She was so hungry, because she says her mother never feeds her anything but pop-tarts. So one day she begs and begs her Wonderful Mother to take her and a friend to Applebees. So the Wonderful Mother says sure Darling Daughter lets go. :)

(Wonderful Mother, who does feed her children. They just might not like what I give them)

(Darling Daughter and Friend)

(Well you know what this is)

So off to Applebees we go. We have a wonderful time eating and laughing. Syd even shows off her bright smile.

(Note I would not let her dare do this now since I have seen this footage)
(To be fair to the Lemons out there I also
found this while looking for the above footage. )

Anyway back to my story. So where was I .....
So Darling Daughter says to Wonderful Mother, can we please have some dessert? So Wonderful Mother says sure why not? So we get that awesome dessert, I think its the Triple Chocolate Melt Down or something chocolaty and wonderful like that. There would be a picture of this, but when this dessert and Syd are involved, watch out she gets a little crazy and eats it all up. I mean me and her friend barely got any, dont let that somber face fool you , she is ruthless with her desserts.

So all of the sudden out of no where came this vicious knife.

It stabbed Syd in the elbow

And she cried out in pain :0

I don't think this would have happened if she had been nice and shared more of the dessert.

Moral of this story: Be careful where you lay your knife when you are fighting your Mother and a friend for all the dessert. It might just jump up and bite you in the........elbow. :)



elizabeth embracing life said...

Hmmmm, a knife....As long as you got most of the cake then you are fine. And if any questioned you, all you would have to do is order them a dessert and there would be no more questions. I have had that dessert and it's mine, all mine, no sharing.

Its Just Water said...

OMG the same thing happened to my daughter last week. silly child leaned her elbow on the table where the knife was also lying but still wrapped neatly in a paper napkin. It was hard not to laugh as I gently dabbed at the booboo. It must be a 12 year old thing.

Kimmie said...

Oh are a hoot! I loved this post. Your Darling Daughter IS darling. :-) Sorry she got poked with the knife, maybe she will learn to be a better dessert sharer from this experience! Winks! What a great Mom you are to take the girls out to lunch. Nothing like a good bonding moment. BTW...I love Applebee's too.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

jennifer said...

Likely Story. But I guess, since you actually have PHOTOS, I'll have to believe that Syd got to eat.

Don't you love the piranna - esque behavior that happens when the food hits the table? We all act and sound like Cookie Monster, devouring the thing!

Hope your day is good. Pretty pics of you guys by the way.


Southerner said...

Ok, did she run into the knife that was there or did YOU STAB YOUR DAUGHTER to get dessert? I think it is very fishy that you just happened to have the camera pointed at her elbow with the knife attacking her- like you "knew" something was going to happen.

Funny, my first thought when I saw the lemon photo was- grose, I wonder if anyone even washed it first.

How old is this daughter? My younger one is 11 1/2. We both have Seniors, so just curious. Son? I have 15,10,8. When we play y'all this year you and I will have to make signs and hold them up. My son is on the football team but is 10th so will be on sidelines for varsity games.

We are THAT Family said...

What a nice story, you know with the dessert and KNIFE and all. I'll read it to my kids at bedtime and encourage them to always share their desserts with me.

Rhea said...

I think the moral of this story is that chocolate brings out the "best" in you guys. lol

Did anyone at the neighboring tables think you were totally weird for taking lots of photos? I'm getting lots of "looks" these days now that everything is possible blog material. :o)

Mommy Lion said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I sure enjoy your stories ~ make me giggle! I'll be coming back to visit often.

Courtney Beddingfield said...

Too Funny! I think that Applebees is one of the very few restaurants, besides fast food, where we are moving to. That's okay with me though because I love to get the fried pickles there!

BTW, can you tell me how you see who's been visiting your blog?

Birdie/That Girl said...

hee hee! lovely photo journaling there - I was impressed!