Friday, April 4, 2008


Ok just so y'all know I am not endorsing any certain brand of this stuff. I am just saying I like it, and have tried certain things with it.
Oh! Valarie just hurry up and tell us what your talking about.

Ok fine don't have a cow man, have a coconut!

Coconut Oil that is!!

I have heard that you can do a variety of wonderful things with this stuff. I personally have used it for the following:

Weight loss

Lets start with the first.

Weight loss:

Well I used this stuff in my Slim-Fast and whether or not it worked, well I don't know. I can't tell you if this specifically worked because I was trying several different "transform my eating" options at the time. I do remember really liking it at the time.
What I did was add it to my Slim-Fast right before turning on the mixer. The only draw back to Coconut Oil is the fact that it does not melt at room temperature. It stays in a solid form; so in the Slim Fast there were this tiny little peices of Coconut Oil.

Apparently when it gets in your system it will then warm up and turn to liquid form. Once in your system it is supposed to help your metabolism. It is also supposed to help kill fungus's and yeast and stuff like that.

Hair conditioner:

Well I took the stuff and heated it and used it like a hot oil treatment. It seemed to do a pretty good job. Hair was soft and shiny.

Now I have not used the stuff in a while. It has actually been sitting lonely in my pantry. So I think I will get it out and condition my hair. I might even put it in my Slim Fast. Who knows there are so many cause I'm not endorsing the stuff possibilities with coconut oil.

One thing I am definitley going to try is using it as a moisturizer. I read lots of testamonials about that and they say it works wonders.

So either I am gonna end up losing weight, having silky smooth hair, and wonderfully clear skin; or I am gonna be craving a Pina Colada.

You can find coconut oil at your local health food store.

Thank You and remember this is not an advertisement for coconut oil.



Tonni said...

It's entirely true! I've been using coconut oil on my face for just a couple weeks, but my skin felt different right away... and my PMS breakouts were definitly toned down! I LOVE it!
I also used it to fry up some french fries and stir fry... if its good for me, its good to sneak into my husband's diet too!

fullheartandhands mama said...

I use Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream and I love it! Maybe I'll have to try coconut oil alone and see how that works. Thanks for the tip!

Crazy in Alabama said...

Maybe I'll get some for my honey to try, since he has "long beautiful hair" now!!!! If he has his own special conditioner, mabye he will stop using all of mine!!!!

We are THAT Family said...

Wow! I didn't know there were so many uses. I'd like to try it on my skin.

Baby Mamma (Tamra) said...

My sis uses it on her skin (face and body) and swears by it. I use it a lot in cooking/baking. I rub it on my humungous baby belly and it really has helped with itchy skin, an no stretch marks!

Suzie said...

Never tried it before thanks for the advice

Melody said...

Oh my! I'm gonna have to Google all the possible uses for this stuff now! LOL!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I appreciate your advice!

Darla said...

I had no idea about the coconut oil. (But now I have that song in my head about the wine the coconut, thank you very much =).

I'll have to try more products with coconut oil!!!

Sarah said...

I love coconut stuff - especially the kind you eat. Thanks for the reminder to go get some. (I'll have it with my Diet Coke which I use as a treat and to clean the mineral buildup under my water dispenser - wonder what it is doing to my gut.)

Jungles Wife said...

I've read good things about coconut oil, too. Instead of using the oil, I put unsweetened, dried coconut in my morning oatmeal.

I never thought of using the oil "as is" for skin care. Thanks for the tip!

Also, read the post about your son. That's awesome!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. :-)

jennifer said...

How many Carbs in that?

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

ooo I have never heard of all this! I would love for my hair to smell like coconut. Mmmm. :) Save me a pina colada!

Lisa said...

I loooovvvveee coconut oil. Its great for making popcorn.

There are certain brands that I could eat by the spoon full.

Love ya, Lisa

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Hey, Valarie -- good suggestions! I do think that the coconut oil would work as a skin moisturizer (on your feet, too!). My daughter has eczema and I've read of a few people who have used coconut oil with great success.

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Cool, I 'll try it! You always have GREAT ideas!

Love ya, Alli

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

I've heard that coconut oil makes great tasting chocolate chip cookies, but I don't know understand why anyone would add a fat to a drink as a supplement to lose weight. I can see substituting healthier fats for the "fattier" fats in your regular diet, but to add oil to a SlimFast drink?

Maybe I am misunderstanding or something. Of course, that never happens, but this could be the first time.