Sunday, April 20, 2008


This is actually my Saturday / Sunday post. Since when I started it was Saturday , but now its Sunday. :)

Well I know you have all been wondering what I have been doing. So here is the run down.

Thursday: leave at 2:00 and go to Hoover for a softball game get home at around 10:30 that night

Friday leave at 3:45 go to Florence for a softball game get there about 5:30 and the bottom drops out. Wait around for about two hours to see if it slacks off. It doesn't, go home get there about 9:30 go to bed to get up at 6:30 am. Get a call about midnight we are not playing until 12:45.

Saturday: leave about 9:45 to get to Florence by 11:15. Finally get to play ball. Play ball all day in the wind ( I'm talking major wind gust. I think I have wind burn and there is red dirt in my ears and nose, yuck), and finish up about 9:00 at night. Get home about 10:45. Cook brownies for tomorrow today at Daddy's.

Y'all its 12:20 and I am pooped.

I have lots to talk about though. I have like four awards to tell y'all about. I won a contest, and I need to do a meme.

So I will get to all that either later on tonight, or on Monday.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!! Y'all remember all the things you need to be thankful for!!!!



jennifer said...

Red dirt in your ears? Poor Valarie!

Y'all are pretty well consumed with the ball thing aren't you? And with gas prices as they are, it isn't cheap to go to Hoover or Florence, is it? You are a good mom, going to watch your girls play. I'm proud to know you - kinda. Not kinda proud, but I know you kinda. I mean I KNOW you but I just don't know know you....

I'm dizzy.


Dawn said...

Whew! I needed a nap after just reading what all you did!

We have red dust up our noses and on just about everything we own, too. But, ours is from the busting up of about 1000 sq. feet of tile! Ha!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Lorie said...

I knew something big must be keeping you from this blog- Today was special for Little Logan I wish I could have seen his face, but I know you have pictures.
I love you!

Sister Sassy said...

wow, busy girl! Have a good sunday!

Rhea said...

Four awards, won a contest and a meme? Sheesh! You're on fire, girlfriend!!

Valarie said...

My step-dad told me that they've had to cancel a lot of tournaments b/c of rain. Fun times, huh? You seem like a good softball Mom!

Most of the driveways here are tiled. So I can see how you could think it was the inside of our house. Speaking of, I need to go get my kids in the house...they are sitting outside drying off :-).

Mike Golch said...

sounds like you have been one busy lady.I'm glad I just got up from my nap before reading this.otherwise I'd probly would want to take one after reading how busy you have been.